Appropriate clothing

Which clothing suits me best? What should I pay attention to? What are the good solutions to look elegant, attractive and sexy? Be your own image consultant. Wide hips, short neck, plump bottom, large breasts, thick calves, no waist? Make it something beautiful!

Visit an image consultant or do it yourself?

We have our experts for everything and that can be very useful. The challenge for the self-made woman is to figure out for herself what suits or does not suit her. The tips below can help her on her way.

Are heavy breasts a burden?

  • Try a T-shirt with a wide neckline, a wide neckline breaks up the chest area. A sleeveless V-neck T-shirt is also fine.
  • When you think of a top, you think of something that is tight around the waist and looser around the breasts.
  • Wear a beautiful jacket that follows the figure lines, has a deep V-neck, is hip-length and has small lapels. A deep V-neck divides the bosom in two.
  • A good choice is a wrap dress that narrows the waist and divides the chest into smaller areas.
  • The jacket has a narrow waist, narrow lapels and flared skirt panels.


With little or no breast

  • A T-shirt with a high neck and deep cut draws attention to the bare arms.
  • A sleeveless blouse with decorations in the middle works well.
  • The dress has a high neck and is transparent. Bare backs also work, especially if they are smooth and shiny.
  • A chunky knitted turtleneck is magnificent. The turtleneck makes your smile stand out.

Consider the street as your catwalk.

Trumpet-shaped sleeves for thick arms

  • Three-quarter sleeves for the T-shirt are nice, but not too narrow sleeves of course, so that your wrists are nicely visible.
  • Top has a rounded shoulder pleat and fluttering cuffs.
  • Dresses with trumpet-shaped sleeves and small designs are made for you.
  • A subtle bracelet emphasizes your grace and allows the eye to admire.


Do you suffer from a swollen bottom?

  • Loose-fitting trousers with a side closure are very suitable. A low waistband and wide legs keep everything in balance.
  • A fitted, figure-hugging coat that fans out over the bottom is a good choice.
  • Flowing skirts and pencil skirts entice the men.
  • Simple straight or fitted dresses create a beautiful silhouette.

Be your own stylist, go for a makeover.

Would you like to have more waist?

  • For the top, something with a navel-deep V-neck. A corset top works wonders. A wrap blouse makes it bloom.
  • A jacket with a fitted waist suggests curves. A short leather jacket with a zipper in the front and a belt is excellent.
  • The waist cut dress coat is single-breasted. Don’t button it up, let it freewheel.
  • A tight-fitting dress made of thin and soft fabric with a pattern makes the body wave. The wrap dress also has its place.

Haute couture or prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear): you decide.

Palazzo pants for short legs

  • For short legs, palazzo pants are the solution. Trousers with flared legs are also suitable.
  • Make sure the dress is long and has a high waist. If you wear a dress over pants you can hold your own.
  • Legs look longer when you wear two tops on top of each other.
  • Both a long suit jacket and a three-quarter length coat paired with trousers and high heels are flattering for you.
  • In a long skirt with high heels you are the star of the evening. Also recommended is a calf-length skirt with boots of the same color and high heels. Not to forget the skirt that falls just below the knee so that your calves show maximum length.

Every woman becomes a fashion model when she is admired.

A sagging stomach can be inconvenient

  • A fitted T-shirt with a shirt-slip hem works flawlessly;
  • Choose a gathered top or a wrap blouse.
  • A dress with a low waistline. Camouflage with a wrap dress. Try the empire style to keep the focus high.
  • A skirt pleated forward and low at the waist gives everything ‘ Schwung! ‘. Also consider a sarong or sarong skirt.
  • Pay attention to the pants: they should be flat in the front with a zipper on the side. The magic panties lift the buttocks and hold the stomach. Try low-rise jeans that are a size too big. The result will surprise you.
  • Your jacket is short and precisely tailored. Preferably with one row of buttons and buttoned from the waist down.


Wide hips can be camouflaged

  • Boat neck T-shirt counterbalances the hips.
  • A tight-fitting sweater that falls above the hips is nice. A short cardigan that shows a bit of your belly is great.
  • Wear pants with flared legs. Palazzo pants are also fine.
  • The jacket has three-quarter length with flared skirt panels. Large lapels complete the illusion.

Turn the party into a fashion show.

What can we do with a short neck?

  • The neck appears longer with clothes with a deep V-neck. Clothes with a wide-cut round neck are also very good.
  • It is nice to have a turned up shirt collar while buttoning the blouse low.
  • A small collar is refined.
  • Another secret is long earrings!


How do we make thick ankles and calves elegant?

  • Trousers with flared legs are also the panacea here.
  • A wide skirt to the knees is the panacea for attractiveness.
  • The footwear may consist of open-toed sandals and block or wedge heels.
  • Long, tight-fitting boots, especially tight around the ankles, are lovely to look at. The high ankle boot should not go unmentioned here.

You don’t have to be a fashion designer to look enchanting.

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