Health: Chronic pain is always there

There are many people with chronic pain who suffer in silence. No one, or almost no one, knows that the person in question is always in pain. There is nothing visible about the man or woman and the same man or woman does not show it off either. If only because the situation will not change. Chronic pain is always there, but it doesn’t have to rule your life.

What is Chronic Pain?

By chronic pain we mean persistent pain, which can affect various causes and parts of the body, which lasts at least 3 to 6 months and for many people lasts a lifetime. Because many people with chronic pain organize their entire lives around chronic pain, the impact is even greater than having the pain in question. In addition to the physical pain, also consider possible sleep problems, risk of depression and all kinds of limitations in daily life. Chronic pain can also be tackled, in addition to medications that suppress the pain, there are special programs that can be followed that do not make the pain so prominent in life. This way you can still live a full life.

Major chronic pain causes

The back pain is head and shoulders above this. Nearly 60% of the population regularly suffers from back pain. Of this group, more than 20% have chronic back complaints. The lower back in particular has a hard time.

Tackle the chronic pain!

People with chronic pain, but also those around them, are often busy redirecting their lives around the pain. This also means that things that were done with great pleasure in the past may no longer be possible due to the pain. That’s how it feels and so we look for other ways. Perhaps logical from the primary thoughts, but it can cause overload in other places with all the consequences that entails – in a physical and psychological sense. It is important that your whole body stays moving and it is important that you realize that an emerging pain does not immediately Ho, stop! want to say.

Pain stimulus

It is good to reiterate the definition of pain, because pain is a stimulus that is delivered to the brain when there is tissue damage to the body. With chronic pain this is a bit more nuanced, because in chronic pain the system that delivers the pain stimulus is oversensitive. The one-on-one relationship that normally exists with pain is therefore more or less disrupted. As a result, you may already receive a painful stimulus, even though there is no tissue damage.

Change your thoughts

It sounds simple and of course it isn’t, but if you are able to change your thoughts from not being able to do something to being able to do something, you can push your limits. You have to learn to trust your body again and let go of your emotions around pain. Being able to relax is important and although this does not necessarily take away the pain, the chronic pain will no longer dominate your life and that can be a big advantage. The programs are aimed at first seeing where you can really go in terms of strain on the body part in question. This also allows you to see how far you can really go (while feeling pain) without causing damage. It is a program of several days, because it is intensive and in addition to determining how far you can go, you also need to regain some confidence. In addition, overconfidence is of course lurking, so in addition to training, you also have to keep a close eye on it afterwards.

Some more ‘aids’ for chronic pain

There are a number of things you should think about and how you can or perhaps should act if you have chronic pain. This will not lead to the desired pain relief, but the mindset will be different and on balance it will be better. Things like:

  • Ensure sufficient relaxation, any form of tension is disastrous for chronic pain. Find relaxation in the form you like. We also have special exercises, so within yoga there are exercises that offer just that relaxation.
  • When life is already about pain, there is usually a huge focus on it. Try to provide distraction to take your mind off the pain. The pain is there anyway, but it is not dangerous.
  • It is logical that you will look for pain relief in the beginning, but if you cannot get any further with doctors, it is good to accept it. Sometimes there is simply no solution. Frustration or depression that can arise if you keep searching, it can control your life. If you can’t do it alone, seek professional help in this matter.
  • It may sound strange, but try to move wisely. Always consider what is feasible and what is not, and the pain stimulus is not the guideline (if you know that it is no longer reliable in this case). This way you bend your life less and less around the pain.



Chronic pain is no small matter, but if you take control of it, you can still have a full life.

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