Seeing entities

We see entities, also called spirits, angels or ghosts, more often than we think. There are four different types of entities.

Types of entities

As humans, we see entities more often than we know ourselves. Some people think that an apparition was an imagination. Everyone is influenced by society. It says that ghosts and angels are nonsense, so that we no longer believe our own reality. A simple example of this is this: a couple agrees that if one of them were to die, he or she would show themselves to the other. When the man dies, the woman is left behind as a widow and after a few days she sees her husband sitting on her bed. After rubbing her eyes once, her husband disappears and the woman acts as if she had imagined him. The woman probably thought that it was not possible at all to see her husband as a ghost, simply because society says this is not possible.
Entities can be seen on the one hand as something vague, but on the other hand as something very detailed. It is also possible that only part of an apparition is seen, such as only the head and shoulders. The vague symptoms are light in color, usually white or gray. They are especially visible on light or white walls, but it is also possible to observe them in the dark. On certain days their energy is stronger than usual and they are much more visible. No explanation has been found for this. There are four different types of entities.


Angels are deceased friends or family members who come back to assist people. They usually help people they had a good relationship with during their lives on earth. They can appear and disappear from one moment to the next and are rarely visible to people who are not clairvoyant. Everyone has an angel who provides unseen, but tangible help. Because of the help they give, many people call them guardian angels. Many people see angels as something Christian, but that is not the case. Angels are for everyone.


Ghosts are people who did not leave after their death but remained on earth. They usually have not been able to detach themselves from their memories of their lives on earth and therefore wanted to stay here. They do not harm anyone and usually live in their house, which is quite run-down. That is why people also speak of haunted houses.


People who come back to earth after their death to help friends and relatives are called spirits. This happens very often, but only a clairvoyant can observe them. Very rarely are they seen by their friends and relatives. They deliver messages and indicate that they are nearby by flashing lights.

Poltergeists or ‘evil spirits’

Poltergeists make knocking noises, move furniture, make things fall over. They are not there to help people, but to frighten them.

Is there a difference between ghosts and spirits?

Yes. Ghosts are usually spoken of when an apparition has been seen several times by people in a certain place. Usually in old houses, where an old resident has not been able to separate himself from his home. The ghost is visible to everyone. So one does not have to be clairvoyant to be able to observe this. Ghosts, on the other hand, can only be perceived by a clairvoyant. They give messages and come and go as they please. They assist family members or want to tell them something.

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