When obesity is a problem

Strictly speaking, you as a person decide this to a certain extent yourself. After all, if you feel good and can do everything, you may see no reason to do anything about your excess weight. And why would you, regardless of what being overweight can do to your body, it could just be that you like it. Not everyone wants to meet the beauty ideal that is presented to us.

The reality

The reality is that on the one hand people push boundaries and on the other hand that obesity can be an insidious problem. Not to scare everyone who is overweight, but if you are significantly overweight for a long time, your body has to work harder. Your organs, your bones, your circulatory system, etc. It is not possible to determine exactly when excess weight can lead to problems, because doctors do not completely agree on this. Moreover, every body is different and there is no clear answer to this. It is now also controversial that what you should do if your BMI exceeds 25. Is your body proportionately overweight, or have you concentrated all the fat on your stomach or buttocks? For example, fat concentrated on the abdomen can pose a greater risk.

What should you pay attention to?

However, there are some things you can pay attention to so that possible excess weight (and its consequences) do not get out of hand. The difficult thing about being overweight is that at any time it can have consequences in other areas. Think about:

  • If someone is suffering from obesity, without expressing it. The man or woman who withdraws when it comes to social activities, especially when it comes to activities that involve movement, where swimwear is worn, etc.
  • If significant shortness of breath develops after a short walk and motor skills deteriorate sharply. People often end up in a vicious circle. Moving less easily can actually lead to less exercise, which increases the risk of even more obesity.
  • If someone starts drinking significantly more, this could be a signal of diabetes. There is a good chance that this has to do with being overweight.
  • High blood pressure can happen to anyone, but overweight men or women are more likely to develop it. You often don’t notice the high blood pressure, so it doesn’t hurt to have it measured every now and then.


Fat, too fat… who will decide this?

Act when necessary

Ultimately it starts with the person themselves. If you eat healthy, exercise, feel good about yourself and are still overweight, I wouldn’t worry so much. However, if your excess weight is causing you to stagnate or threaten to stagnate in daily life, trading may still be an option. This does not mean that you should run and diet like a man possessed, in fact that is not recommended at all. Sometimes losing a few kilos structurally is a better option. You can achieve this by seriously looking at your diet and, for example, replacing certain products with others.
As far as exercise is concerned, running or your life depends on it is not something you will continue, or at least that chance is relatively small. Make sure you get exercise that fits within your lifestyle. For example, a brisk walk with the dog every day will yield more benefits than running briskly for a while. In addition to the burden on certain parts of the body, the chance that you will dread it or even stop doing it completely is relatively high. This is what practice shows.


It is important that ideas about quality of life are stimulated. Being conscious when it comes to food, or in other words what exactly goes into your mouth and is it all necessary in this way? For example, if you consume a lot of prepared food, pay attention to all the E numbers on the packaging of these products. How much fresh food do you get and is it varied enough? Also take a look at what fresh fruit and vegetables you consume. Furthermore, many people are very generous with carbohydrates, but this is necessary for your daily amount. The same also applies to the exercise your body needs. Think about what exercise your body gets in daily life. This, apart from extra exercise in the form of sports. Consider your profession, whether it is a sedentary profession or not, whether you spend a lot of time outdoors. Are you active at home in the household and/or in the garden? All activities contribute to the daily exercise that a person should get.

Enjoy your excess weight

If you don’t want to be the well-known yo-yo and/or want to meet the standards set regarding the beauty ideal, experience whether you are happy with the person you are. With the exercise that comes with it and a healthy diet. If that picture is correct, then be happy that you are a happy person and enjoy the moment. With any plans you may have, the present you are in and the people around you that you care about. The man or woman who fits this picture is much further along than the man or woman who thinks they have to live up to the ideal image. Especially if this stems from obsessed behavior. Whatever choice people make, an adult man or woman always makes the choices themselves. Whether those choices are right is often a matter of hindsight.

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