Seeing auras

Auras are energy fields of the body, mind and spirit. They are different for everyone and together determine the energy body and energy field of man. Everyone has an energy field around them. These are radiations known as the auras. One can photograph auras using Kirilian photography and the result is different for everyone. Every person has seven emanations. The energy of the body, mind and soul provide the energy fields or aura around a person. The colored auras are the most well-known, but there are also white and gray ones. The seven auras that exist are in different places for everyone and have different strength and thickness for everyone. The color is also different for everyone because each color has its own meaning. All the auras that a person has together determine the energy body and energy field of the person.

Each aura represents a specific thing

Aura 1: This represents the basic aura. This is the appearance that is present in everything and everyone, including non-living things such as a chair. This aura is perceived as a white-gray band around something or someone.
Aura 2: This is the aura in which the emotions are expressed. It is also called the emotional body and consists of a colored field.
Aura 3: Indicates the status of the organs in the body. The most optimal thing for humans is when the organs are in balance. This is often not the case because the various body parts usually have a shortage or excess of certain substances. Each organ individually shows its own status in this aura. This aura not only shows the status of the organs, it also represents what a person thinks. Just like aura 2, this radiance consists of a colored field.
Aura 4: This aura maintains the other auras by attracting angels when they are needed. These angels then enter the person’s energy field and provide unseen, but tangible help, which maintains the auras. This aura is perceived as a white field around someone.
Aura 5: Indicates the level of consciousness of the human being. The greater the consciousness, the greater the aura. The degree of someone’s consciousness can therefore be determined by the size of the aura. For example, someone who has dementia will have a very small field. As with the previous aura, this one is also white.
Aura 6: This is the aura that represents feeling, instinct and intuition. This radiance cannot be observed through Kirilian photography, but it can be perceived in other, more complicated ways.
Aura 7: This aura radiates from what your thoughts produce, your character is, as it were, expressed in it. The entire body, but specifically the face, is affected by this aura. It is perceived as a white-gray field around a person.

Personality; attract and repel

A person’s personality is formed by aura 2 and aura 7 because emotions and thoughts give people their own personality. The energy that each person radiates affects not only the person himself, but also his entire living environment. Even pets are affected by the auras of their owners.
What is present in the appearance attracts or repels. What someone wants and keeps saying this over and over again repels the person, while the person who expresses his wish and lets go attracts the wish. So when the energy can flow freely it can achieve its purpose.

Seeing characters and emotional expressions in faces

People’s emotions, character, personalities and illnesses are expressed in auras, but these qualities are also visible in people’s faces. The clairvoyant, who has a lot of experience with this, can easily detect unhealthy qualities in a person. They can find out what kind of person they are dealing with before they get to know the person.

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