Beauty: The hands and feet can be seen again!

The hands are in sight all year round, but things change when the arms are also exposed. The feet are put back into open shoes and slippers, which means that, in addition to the hands, the feet also have to be taken care of to make them nice and presentable.

The hands

The hands are active all year round in everything you do and it shouldn’t be something you mainly worry about in the spring. But somehow when the arms are exposed and the feet are visible, it all becomes a little different. The ritual is slightly different than the feet, but go through everything again to see if your hands are summer-proof.

  • Hold your hands in front of you with fingers slightly apart and see what you like. Do you have fingers that need beautiful rings on them, do you have beautiful nails or do you want to emphasize your wrists? When you start working with your hands, you can already think about how you are going to “dress” them.
  • Now make sure you remove all the junk. Leftover nail polish, loose tufts along your nails or, if you have longer nails, any rough edges.
  • Now apply some cuticle remover and let it work well. Then remove it with a tissue and gently push up the cuticles. Use a wooden goat leg for this.
  • Then file the nails into the desired shape. This depends somewhat on the shape of the nails and fingers. But a rounded nail actually always fits or look at your cuticle. A mirror image of the curve of your cuticle is the most ideal shape for your nails.
  • Applying nail oil to the nails (massaging it in) is a care item that is good for, among other things, the flexibility of the nail. Then apply a good nourishing hand cream to your entire hands and wrists. Let it soak in slowly and it helps if you wear cotton gloves for a while, for example. For the next step, you must then clean the nails thoroughly and ensure that no greasy residue is left behind. A little nail polish remover can also help.
  • No nail polish on the nails, polish the nail with a buffer file. Do not do this too rigorously, because a buffer file essentially removes a layer from the nail. Follow the steps of the buffer file carefully and limit use to twice a month.
  • Then choose your nail polish, if you want to emphasize them, choose a solid color that attracts attention. If you want to emphasize something else, be cautious with colors. A nice base with only a sheen or a bit of milky white can also be beautiful. But whatever color you choose… always apply a base for a good surface first and take the time to let it dry thoroughly.

In the meantime, you may know how to make your hands the ultimate eye-catcher and add a ring, bracelet or a combination. Always be careful with excess, as this can misdirect attention.

Source: Anniepan, Pixabay

The feet

The feet were of course tightly wrapped during the cold winter months and early spring and some kept their feet neatly and others only let them take a bath or shower. Anyway, open shoes are coming back and nothing is more unsightly than an unkempt foot in an open shoe. Even if you wear the most expensive shoes, you will always miss the mark with unkempt feet. The reason why the foot immediately receives so much attention is partly due to the fact that on the one hand the foot has something very intimate for people and on the other hand some people also find feet a bit scary. Those feet are a strange phenomenon, so we decided to make them look spun and span.

  • Clean the nails of your toes by removing any nail polish residue and also removing any loose tufts along your nails.
  • Now prepare a bowl of warm water and add whatever you like. Some people will add a good dash of lavender or oil to the water and others prefer to add milk. For milk to have any effect, it must be in equal parts to water. Stay in this for at least 10 minutes and let the heat of the water move up through your legs and relax.
  • The foot is then a bit soft and now it is time to exfoliate. Take a special scrub for your feet and pack everything carefully. Then it continues with the removal of calluses. To do this, use a special callus file or a pumice stone. Rinse the feet briefly under the lukewarm tap and pat them dry.
  • Take care of your feet with a good greasy cream. If your cream is less greasy, mix it with some oil. Also grab the nails and cuticles carefully and let it soak in again. Take your time, about 10 minutes, and relax. For the next step it is important that the nail is degreased. Some nail polish remover will help.
  • When it comes to feet, it is always a good idea to empty everything in a timely manner, as your mobility may be slightly reduced for a while!
  • You actually treat the nails of the toes the same as those of the fingers. Apply some cuticle remover if the nail is stuck to the nail, so to speak. You see this more often on the toenails than on the fingernails. Let it work for a few minutes. Then remove it with a tissue and gently push it up with a pusher’s leg.
  • Now cut the nails and always straighten the toenails and run the file along them until no hooks can be felt. Round the corners slightly to prevent nails from growing and a sharp corner from ruining your stockings or socks.
  • No nail polish on the toenails, then polish the nail with a buffer file. Do not do this too rigorously, because a buffer file essentially removes a layer from the nail.
  • Applying color to the toes can affect the entire foot, so if you wear open-toed shoes, it is definitely recommended. First a base coat, then the color (if a “present” color, this in accordance with the color on the fingernails) and after a few minutes apply a second coat. If necessary, apply a gloss layer and let it dry thoroughly.

If you suffer from corns or extreme calluses and are unable to get rid of them yourself, call in a pedicure. Good treatment once can prevent a lot of uncertainty and/or pain in and around the feet.


Take some time for this ritual and do it in peace. Possibly with someone else and you can take care of each other’s hands and feet. Can be very pleasant, especially if you also perform a massage with the care products.

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