Salt is essential for life, but too much salt is dangerous

Salt has gotten a bad name over time, but that is actually not justified. In ancient times, salt was very valuable. It was laboriously extracted from seawater or salt mines and from places where there are dried-out, salty lakes. Salt also often had to be brought from far away. It was therefore used sparingly in earlier times. In addition, it was necessary to be able to preserve meat and fish. That still happens even now. Just think of the famous Parma ham that is rubbed with salt and thus has a longer life. Nowadays salt is no longer rare. In fact, everyone usually gets too much of it. Bakers and manufacturers try to reduce the salt in food, but not every baker or manufacturer participates. After all, salt is one of the seasonings of their products.

Salt as a seasoning

The fact that salt has gotten a bad name nowadays is not due to the salt itself. It is more the too much salt in ready-made food and other products that has given it that bad name. Salt is a seasoning that is not only used but also widely abused by manufacturers. It ensures that a tasty whole can still be made with less expensive herbs and ingredients in a dish. However, that is actually wrong for the health of the people who buy and eat it.

Salt is essential for life and healthy to a certain extent

Those who did not eat salt at all would also have difficulty retaining fluid. The human body consists of approximately seventy percent water. Salt helps to retain that moisture. When you perspire, you also lose salt. You can tell by tasting perspiration. If there is perspiration on your lips and you lick it off, it tastes salty. That lost salt and water must also be replenished to keep the salt/moisture balance in balance.

Drink plenty of water on hot summer days

Drinking a lot during hot days is fine, but a cup of soup and a warm snack can also help, because they can always replenish the lost salt. Anyone who sweats excessively can even develop a salt deficiency.

Animals also need salt

Animals also need salt to stay healthy. Animals often search for salt themselves. They too can only retain the water in their bodies through salt. However, animals do not use more salt than they need. When animals consume too much salt, it is usually caused by the people who care for them.

Salt stones

Wild animals often find salt stones that, in addition to salt, also contain various minerals, which they lick to get some salt. They do not forget the location of those salt licks and they are passed on from generation to generation. The animals go there as soon as they need some salt again.

Too much salt can be dangerous for blood pressure

We humans only need a little salt per day for our health. However, salt is a seasoning and many people find salty and savory snacks very tasty. Many people unknowingly consume more salt than is good for them. This can lead to high blood pressure, especially at an older age, which can be very dangerous. Among others for the veins and the heart.

The industry often puts too much salt in food

However, most people have now realized that the industry puts too much salt in our food. Chips, sweets, liquorice cookies, etc. already contain a lot of salt, but ready-made foods in particular, such as pizza, lasagna, frozen meals, sauces and soups, snacks, etc., contain far too much salt.

Something is slowly changing

Even bread, which is bought and eaten every day, often contains too much salt. However, more and more good bakers are paying more attention to the salt content and preparing their bread and bread products with less salt. This has an additional advantage for bakers: dough that is prepared with less salt often rises better. Especially if it is also processed with sourdough.

An excess of salt retains fluid in the body

However, too much salt also causes more fluid to be retained in the body. An excess of fluid causes more weight, high blood pressure and, in the long run, even heart problems. Many people are then given “water tablets” by the doctor to remove excess, retained fluid in the body. This way the heart doesn’t have to pump as much.

Use less salt in food

Anyone who wants to consume less salt to stay healthy or because of high blood pressure can solve this by no longer eating ready-made products and preparing their own food. With herbs such as parsley, chives and celery you can ensure that less or even no salt is needed to make food tasty.

Bay leaf gives flavor to the food

Bay leaves in particular can help with this. A pumpkin soup that has been steeped with five bay leaves and added some chives and parsley already tastes very good.

Salt is also medicinal

Salt is also often used as medicine. Especially with colds. For example, vaping with salt dissolved in boiling water is good for the respiratory tract if you have a bad cold. Gargling with salt water can also relieve sore throat and also disinfects the throat.

Use salt wisely and drink enough water

Prepare your own food with natural elements. For example, bake your own bread with natural elements such as flour, butter, fresh yeast, egg, water or milk and a little salt. It doesn’t matter whether you bake that bread with or without the bread maker.

Homemade food often contains less salt

Making your own sauces, making your own soup and preparing your own meat and fish without all the extras that manufacturers come up with is also a good idea. You then decide how much salt goes into your food and that is generally much less than the manufacturer puts in.

Tastier food

In addition, home-prepared food from fresh ingredients tastes much better. Those who cook themselves are more likely to use herbs and fresh seasonings such as onions, shallots, leeks, parsley, celery and the like. Dried herbs can also provide good services. Adding herbs usually does not take much time, but it does produce a much tastier whole.

Water regulates the salt content in the body

Water helps regulate the amount of salt in the body, so make sure you drink water regularly and get enough fluid during the day. In this way, the salt is regularly dissolved and excreted.

Making your own sauce usually takes little time

If you do it right, it won’t even cost you any more time. Making a sauce takes as much time as making a ready-made sauce from the supermarket. After all, both have to be created and heated. However, the homemade sauce is tastier. If only because it is freshly prepared and usually only fresh, natural ingredients are used.

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