What is Clairvoyance. Other names for this are: paranormal smelling and clear smelling. What are the possibilities of paranormal smelling?


Other names for this are paranormal smelling and clear smelling. Someone who is clairvoyant smells not only the normal odors, but also the odors of energies that are converted into odors.

The possibilities:

  • Smelling diseases
  • Smelling deficiencies
  • Smelling the scent of someone who has died
  • Smelling someone who is about to die
  • Smelling that something is no longer good or healthy
  • Smelling things you see


Smelling diseases

Diseases or a diseased organ emits a certain negative energy. Each disease radiates a different energy so that the different diseases can be recognized.

Smelling deficiencies

Every person functions well if he gets enough nutrients and vitamins. The amount of this varies per person. The body develops ailments if you ingest a deficiency of something. He can then somehow smell/see it in the appearance of people.

Smelling the scent of someone who has died

Everyone has a certain scent. When a spirit is present, it can make a clairvoyant smell a scent that is then associated with a dead person.

Smelling an odor that someone is about to die

Some people can smell it when someone is dying. Death smells in a certain way and the months before a person dies he is, as it were, detached from his soul. This process releases energy that a clairscent person can convert into a scent.

Smelling that something is not good or healthy

He can sometimes smell when you can no longer smell something or when you can still eat it.

Smelling things you see

Sometimes he can smell something when he sees it. You can think of an image on TV of a stable with horses in it. Then he can smell the scent of horses.

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