Permanent make-up saves a lot of time in the morning

Permanent make-up is the solution for every woman who is very busy and has difficulty getting up in the morning, is often late, but has to show up for work on time. Washing, dressing, making up and eating must be done very quickly. The food in particular usually falls by the wayside, because most women would rather leave the food than leave the house unmade, although there are also women who, while waiting at a traffic light, quickly leave their food behind the wheel of their car. give your face a makeover. That is also not very wise, because when the light turns green, several cars are honking. what is the solution to that problem?

Permanent make-up is a solution for saving time in the morning

Permanent makeup allows you to skip half of the makeup in the morning. You can contact most beauticians for this. Be sure to ask your acquaintances to see who is experienced, has a diploma and will not make mistakes. Permanent make-up lasts for a certain period of time, after which you will have to have the treatment repeated.

Permanent make-up does not last a lifetime

After all, permanent make-up does not mean that the make-up will last a lifetime. Skin, hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and lip lines renew themselves over time through growth and replacement of skin cells. However, permanent make-up sometimes lasts two to three years, depending on the cell division of your skin, thus saving you a lot of work in front of the mirror in the morning. However, if the lines eventually fade, the treatment must be repeated.

Some people last longer than others

No one can exactly guarantee that permanent make-up will last for a certain period of time. Some have to go back every six months, others only after a year. It depends on what you think about it.

The skin of the face does not suffer much

Applying permanent make-up is similar to tattooing, but is much less deep than, for example, tattooing and the same dyes and ink are not always used. Usually it is colored with natural pigment that is harmless to the body. While tattooing is often painful, applying permanent make-up is almost not.

Small scars can be concealed with permanent make-up

Anyone who has a scar on their face and has to camouflage it every day is usually very unhappy with it. However, scars on your face can become less annoying through pigmentation and are then much less noticeable. You don’t have to do anything about it afterwards. Make sure you find a good beautician, especially for caring for a scar.

Certified for the treatment, or not

Good beauticians are certified by the umbrella organization of beauticians: Anbos and also recognized by the GGD. These affiliated beauticians are often also insured. It is wise to pay attention to this when choosing a treatment. In addition to the certification, these beauticians usually also have the right equipment to carry out their work carefully.

Without a certified beautician you are at risk

Some salons that operate without recognition often give significant discounts on permanent make-up treatments, but be careful. Errors often remain visible for a long time. For example, if your eyebrows are not trimmed correctly, or if one is crooked, this cannot simply be repaired. You will then have to wait until the paint has completely faded or grown out, which can take quite some time.

A large scar can often be softened with permanent make-up

Large scars are best treated in clinics, where they often use the same products. However, in those clinics they are more specialized in treating, for example, burns, large, ugly scars from accidents, and so on. However, a beautician is usually not trained for this.

Permanent make-up really saves a lot of time in the morning

Permanent make-up stays in place during a day at the beach, whether you go swimming or not. However, regular make-up usually needs to be touched up after swimming. Perspiration and then a lovely shower do not detract from the permanent make-up. You will then look as radiant as if you have just touched up your make-up.

Advantage when entering into a new relationship

If you have just made a new boyfriend, you don’t have to worry that at first light in the morning you will no longer look as handsome as you did the night before. These are all advantages that emphasize the usefulness of permanent make-up. You can probably name a few yourself.

Possibilities for corrections via permanent make-up

In addition to the above benefits of permanent make-up, minor defects in the shape of lips, the position of the eyes or eyebrows can also be improved through permanent make-up. If you are not sure about something, ask your beautician about the options.

A good sense of colours

A good beautician who has a good sense of colors and facial shapes can definitely make your face look better by making small corrections here and there. For example, the lip line can be adjusted, but also the shape of the eyebrows, while the eyes can be given more depth by pigmenting the eyeline in the skin between the eyelashes.

Tinting eyebrows and eyelashes

Eyebrows and eyelashes can also be colored. This also lasts well for a while, but must be repeated after a few weeks or months. Hair growth cannot be stopped and regrowth is always the case. The pigmentation (in the skin) of the eyebrows remains visible for longer and can be a solution for people who have almost no eyebrows left after years of plucking.

It saves a lot of time in the morning and there are also savings on daily make-up

Permanent make-up is not cheap, but you will save on daily make-up. In addition to the time savings, the convenience is also a reason why many women swear by it.

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