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It remains immensely popular, slightly tanned skin. Moreover, and this is completely unjustified, it gives a “healthy look”. This association is actually strange and may be linked to the outdoors, which is generally described as “healthy”. Be that as it may… we still like a tan. But we also know that the sun on our skin is not that good and so, as ingenious as we are, we come up with something ourselves. Brown without sun or brown from a jar.

Sun or sunscreen?

Of course, the group of people who enjoy lying in the sun remains large. This also or mainly has to do with the fact that it is nice to lie in the sun and feel the warmth on your skin. But that same heat on your skin is also the culprit. The UV rays can damage the skin if you stay in the sun for too long. Applying good sunscreen with a high factor is the only thing you can do if you still want to spend time in the sun. Protect your head with a cap or hat and, if you have a large brim, you can also protect your eyes in this way. Otherwise, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

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If you have decided that the sun is pleasant, but nevertheless unhealthy for the skin, then there are plenty of options to at least get the tan you want. In the past, it was often spreads that gave you a carrot color and/or immediately gave you brown palms, but now the industry has not stood still and there is a great diversity of products. For every skin and in all different applications, there is a huge amount for sale and they are not harmful products.

Preparing to brown from a jar

If you are going to apply, good preparation is important. This way you get a better result and it lasts longer. Please note the following:

  • Give yourself clean skin and (always) wash with a mild skin care product. This is always better for the skin, but especially if you use a subsequent tan without sun. After all, it includes all imperfections in the color.
  • Make sure that all rough or callous spots are removed and use a special file that you first apply coarsely and then with the fine side. No aggressive products, because hardened skin already has enough “opportunities” for strange discolorations. Take it slow.
  • With a good scrub you can remove all loose flakes. Not too heavy-handed, because this can cause scratches (which become visible with tan without sun). Take a good look at which scrub you use for your face and which one you use for your skin.
  • You can apply some body lotion beforehand to coarse parts of the skin such as knees and ankles. A thin cream on these areas prevents stains later and increases the chance that it is applied evenly.
  • You can also use a self-tanner in the form of a gel for the face. You mix this with your day cream. In addition to a tan, you also immediately care for the skin.
  • Make sure that the skin is nice and dry when applying it and avoid an overheated bathroom with a lot of steam. This can lower the result. Self-tanner simply adheres better to nicely dried skin.


Just spread it

If you are going to apply cream, make sure that you have chosen the right product for yourself. Experience what you prefer to apply, because some people like a gel or oil, others clearly want to feel a cream on their hands and others swear by a product in the form of a spray. In addition to the products that last a little longer, there are also products that are washed off after one wash. This can be useful for a party, for example.
And then there are also the products that do not provide an immediate and colored image, but where the color takes a while to appear. The advantage of this product is that it hardly causes any stains or smears, but rather a nicer, smoother result.
If you do not want a product to stain clothing, upholstered chairs or bedding, choose a product that is colorless. The chance of stains is significantly smaller here. The disadvantage of this product is that you do not always see exactly where you have already applied and the chance of a double layer, and therefore a color difference, is greater. Be extremely careful with such a product.

Some products

The range of products is enormous. Below are some of the different types of products per category:

  • Visible gel/lotion: Guerlain Terracotta Sunless Tinted Self-Tanning, Clinique Self Sun Face Tinted Lotion, Nivea Sun Self-tanning Spray with caring ingredients.
  • Slow color formation: La Mer Soleil de la Mer Face & Body Gradual Tan, Dove Summer Glow, Yves Rocher Ensolleillant Sun Shine face cream.
  • Colorless gel/spray: Lovea 100% Bio Self Tanning, Sisley Tanning Hydration Body Skin Care.



The product palette is very large, but to achieve the desired result it is important to choose the right product and to properly prepare the skin for the self-tanning product. Take your time and work according to the description on the packaging. Also take enough time to touch it up, because a regular lick of cream does not have to have that many consequences, but with a self-tanner it almost always has visible consequences.

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