Quiz for people with dementia about the Royal Family and the Netherlands

A quiz for people with dementia about our Royal Family and the Netherlands can have the same questions as a question and answer game about our royal family and national history for seniors without dementia. But realize that the answers you can expect from seniors with Alzheimer’s, for example, will most likely differ from the responses of seniors. After all, people with dementia remember a different period of our ‘Orange history’ well than mentally healthy people over 55. Memory is often seriously affected in elderly people with dementia. Yet such a historical activity can also be meaningful and enjoyable for them. Memories are evoked and their self-esteem can be strengthened if they can give a correct answer.

Historical quizzes for people with dementia

If you are doing a question and answer game about a historical subject such as our Royal Family with elderly people with dementia, you must realize that the questions will elicit different answers than you might initially expect. People with dementia mainly remember facts from their youth and from the period when they were just becoming adults. Their short-term memory is affected first. Then their medium-term memory and then their long-term memory.

Example of questions and unexpected answers about our Royal Family

In concrete terms, this means that if you ask Who is the King of the Netherlands?, they may respond in surprise with:
King? We have a queen, right? And if you were to ask: Who is our queen?, they would not answer with Beatrix, but with Juliana or even with Queen Wilhelmina! The same applies to a question such as: Who was our queen married to? Answers could be: Prince Claus, Prince Bernhard or even Prince Hendrik!

The purpose of a quiz for people with Alzheimer’s, for example

Their answers are not wrong, but go back to the part of Dutch history that they remember! This means that in such a quiz multiple answers are possible and correct. This is nice for elderly people with a disease that has caused them dementia, because such an activity is not about right and wrong and about winning, but about stimulating their memory, about a pleasant and meaningful daytime activity. Moreover, becoming aware of the fact that they know a lot about the country’s history can strengthen these seniors’ self-esteem.

Questions about the Royal family and the Netherlands

  1. Who is the Queen/King of the Netherlands?
  2. What do we mean by the Dutch ‘Tricolor’?
  3. What color is the pennant of our flag?
  4. How does our national anthem start?
  5. What are the colors of the Dutch flag?
  6. Who is our Queen/King married to?
  7. How does the verse of our national anthem that is sung after the 1st verse begin?
  8. When does the Queen/King celebrate her/his birthday?
  9. Which traditional games are played on Queen’s Day / King’s Day?
  10. Which country does Prince Bernhard come from?
  11. What is the ‘surname’ of our Royal Family?
  12. How does this song continue: ‘Orange above, orange aboveā€¦’?
  13. On which day(s) is one allowed to fly the flag?
  14. Where is Noordeinde Palace located?
  15. How do you address the queen/king?



Answers about the House of Orange and Dutch history

  1. Beatrix, Juliana, Wilhelmina, Willem Alexander
  2. The Dutch flag
  3. Orange
  4. Wilhelmus van Nassouwe, I am, of German blood
  5. Red White Blue
  6. Prince Claus, Prince Bernhard, Prince Hendrik, Queen Maxima
  7. You are my shield and my faithful one, O God my Lord
  8. On April 30, on April 27
  9. Eating cookies, running bags, pulling rope
  10. Germany
  11. Van Oranje (Nassau)
  12. Long live the Queen
  13. Queen’s Day, May 4 Remembrance Day, May 5 Liberation Day, Budget Day
  14. In The Hague
  15. Majesty


Additional national activities for clients with dementia

It’s fun to alternate the quiz questions with other activities. Consider showing historical photos of our king (please explain!), queens and Dutch palaces. Or playing national songs, for example. Duo Karst has a special CD with exclusively patriotic songs. You can also start a conversation about celebrating Queen’s Day. How did today’s elderly do that when they were young? It is always nice to treat these elderly people to an extra festive cookie.

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