Neck, muscle cramps and pain due to acidified body: remedies

Everyone has calf cramps sometimes. Cramps in other places in the body such as the neck, neck or back muscles are less common. The condition can be caused by high levels of acid in the body and can be severely painful. What causes it, what does sodium bicarbonate do and what else can you do yourself?

Cramps and pain due to acidified body

  • Function of kidneys in body
  • Influence of too little sodium bicarbonate
  • Take baking soda
  • Additional complaints with an acidic body
  • What else can you do?


Function of kidneys in body

The kidneys in the body ensure that unwanted substances are removed by purifying the blood. Together with the ADH hormone, it also ensures that sufficient fluid (water) is kept in the body. In addition, the kidneys influence blood pressure, the effective functioning of red blood cells and bone calcium content. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the acidity of the body. If too many acids are present, calcium is removed from bones to limit their influence. In other words, if the kidneys cannot process acids adequately, osteoporosis occurs. Moreover, it also causes many other complaints. How does sodium bicarbonate affect the kidneys and body?

Influence of too little sodium bicarbonate

Proper functioning of the kidneys depends primarily on the presence of the substance sodium bicarbonate. Acid in the body can be made less acidic if sodium bicarbonate is added. If one consumes too little of this substance, acidification of the body, tissues and organs will occur with far-reaching consequences. It can affect rheumatism, osteoporosis, depression, fatigue and so on. Many conditions are caused by this. A check of the sodium bicarbonate level is therefore necessary for many complaints. Acidification can mean that muscles contract or cramp. An increase in lactic acid can cause calf cramps, but it can also occur elsewhere in the body. Neck spasm is a painful, persistent condition and can come on suddenly. People are carrying out normal daily activities when it occurs, during which painful complaints can last for a long time. If the body is relatively too acidic, it can occur chronically, which can cause serious problems.

Take baking soda

If an acidified blood level is found, sodium bicarbonate, also called baking soda, will almost always be prescribed. It ensures that impaired kidney function is remedied by 65%, so that muscles and organs function better. Cramps will also occur less frequently due to a more favorable pH value of the blood. Please note that it takes quite a while before normal body balance is regained. It may take several years before the optimal acidity is obtained.

Additional complaints with an acidic body

Because acidic blood requires a lot of calcium, it causes osteoporosis. The bone structure is affected, making bone fractures more likely to occur. In addition to baking soda, vitamin D intake is therefore necessary. It can further cause fungus or infections in the body. The acidity is out of balance, which means that undesirable effects can strike because the defenses do not work properly. Inflammations can also occur internally, such as osteoarthritis or joint pain. In all cases, the level of acid in the body must be reduced so that the pains can become less severe.

What else can you do?

To reduce the effect of acid cramps in the neck, you can take baking soda (sodium bicarbonate, baking soda). Additionally, you can ensure that toxins are removed from the body. To do this, drink nettle tea available from a health food store. It has a diuretic effect that also allows unwanted acids to leave the body in a natural way.

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