Feeling cold: causes and remedies

Some people get cold faster than others and sometimes you are so thoroughly cold that it seems as if you can no longer warm up. What is the best thing to do to get warm again and how do you ensure that you get cold less quickly? Can nutrition, in addition to clothing and sufficient exercise, play a role in this? What you should not do if you are often cold is sit still and drink a lot of coffee or alcohol and eat chocolate. Smoking is also not recommended. This only causes poorer blood circulation, making you cold more quickly. But what should you do?

Cold feet

When you have cold feet, it seems like you don’t want to get warm anymore. It is best to wash your feet with lukewarm to warm water or take a warm foot bath. This will bring your feet up to temperature and you will automatically feel warm again. Not only cold feet, but also sweaty feet can make you feel very cold. So always make sure you wear well-ventilated shoes, even in winter.

Poor circulation

If you always feel cold, this may be due to poor blood circulation. Sufficient exercise helps to keep blood circulation going. Also eat at regular times. This keeps digestion going and also makes you less likely to get cold. What may also help is to massage your skin in the evening in the shower with a massage brush or massage glove. Always end the shower with cold water for better blood circulation. Of course, a real massage is also a good way to improve blood circulation.

Drink hot

A warm cup of tea also makes you feel warmer. There are different types of tea that help you warm up quickly. These include tea with rosemary, star mix, hibiscus tea and ginger tea. A cup of spicy soup is always good to warm up again. Furthermore, it is important to drink enough, even in cold weather.

Food that makes you feel warm

The right diet can also ensure better blood circulation and therefore more warmth in your body. Which nutrients are best to consume?

  • Ginger
  • Vitamin B and vitamin C
  • Spicy dishes with sharp herbs such as cayenne pepper
  • Garlic
  • Magnesium


Get moving

Sitting still makes you feel cold, so turn on the music and dance around the room, do some stretching exercises or play a game on the WII or Xbox Kinect. This way you can get blood circulation going again without having to go outside. Just fifteen minutes of exercise and you’ll feel nice and warm again.


It is also important to dress according to the outside temperature. Multiple layers on top of each other ensure that you warm up faster. Wear natural fabrics as much as possible. Synthetic clothing keeps you much less warm. Also don’t set the heating too high. You get used to the high temperature, which means you get cold even more quickly. Moreover, the large temperature differences are an attack on your body.

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