Borderline test: Online checklist characteristics and symptoms

Borderline is a complex condition and very annoying for the people who suffer from it as well as for their immediate environment. Everyone recognizes traits of something or other in themselves and it is not so easy to determine for sure whether you suffer from borderline personality disorder or not. What is certain is that this online checklist for borderline will give you insight into whether you may have borderline yourself, because most of the characteristics and symptoms are discussed here. Test yourself with this self-test and become wiser.

What is Borderline Personality Disorder?

Borderline is a complicated disorder that is included in the personality disorders in DSM IV. The disorder occurs in both men and women, but manifests itself differently in both sexes. The diagnosis is made relatively more often in women, but this does not mean that it occurs more often in women. Someone who suffers from borderline is sometimes compared to an unguided missile. Impulsiveness, intense and rapidly changing emotions and unexpected changes in behavior, vision or thoughts are typical of a borderline.

What are the causes of borderline?

The causes of borderline personality disorder are not yet clear. It is currently assumed that there is a combination of genetic and hormonal factors (impulse control, emotional lability) on the one hand and environmental factors on the other. For example, research has shown that borderline sufferers have had to deal with abuse, bullying, neglect or another form of abuse more than average in their youth. Borderline could therefore also be a reaction to difficult life circumstances, as a result of which you can no longer deal adequately with people and life.

What are the main symptoms of borderline?

A borderline often thinks in extremes and can easily change their opinion about people. Someone with borderline feels very intensely and will strongly experience and express all emotions of fear, depression, happiness or anger. It can be difficult for someone with borderline personality disorder to effectively control his or her impulses to steal, have sex, gamble or eat. When you suffer from borderline, you often experience a feeling of emptiness and you are extremely afraid of being abandoned or cheated. Life is very difficult for you and that is not only a great burden for yourself.

Online Test Borderline: Checklist on the most important characteristics and symptoms

  • Do you often experience a feeling of emptiness or loneliness?
  • Do you often respond to impulses when it comes to sex, drugs, food, taking risks in traffic, gambling or stealing?
  • Do you have low self-esteem?
  • Do you have a great fear of abandonment or abandonment and do you try to avoid possible abandonment?
  • Do you feel like you are dissociating or withdrawing into yourself when there is stress or anxiety?
  • Do you idealize people, who can then suddenly disappoint you terribly later?
  • Do you think about people in relatively black and white terms, are they good or bad and nothing in between?
  • Are you often angry, frustrated, bitter or sarcastic and do you have difficulty controlling that anger?
  • Have you ever deliberately harmed yourself by cutting yourself, for example, or attempted suicide?
  • Do you have trouble keeping your self-image constant?
  • Do you ever impulsively change your lifestyle, job or goals in your life?
  • Does your mood easily change from depressed, anxious to positive or vice versa in a relatively short time?
  • Do you have a history of unstable relationships that usually don’t last?
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