Achieve a healthy weight in a healthy way

Another crash diet, again excessive exercise, back to the shakes, again.. Dieting and losing weight is not sustainable for most people and, moreover, dieting is not healthy for your body at all. Yet it is possible to achieve a healthy weight in a fun and sustainable way. Do you want to feel fitter, be able to put on your too small pants again and still enjoy an occasional glass of wine or some chips? This is possible, provided you have discipline and patience. Curious? Then read on to find out how you can achieve a healthy weight in a healthy way.

Combination of exercise and nutrition

Losing weight is a combination of exercise and nutrition. You can exercise as hard as you want, but when you eat a bag of fries and a croquette after exercising, you can exercise until you drop. You won’t be able to lose weight that way. So you will have to consciously work on your diet and exercise habits.

Power supply

Nutrition is a crucial part of losing weight. People can say what they want, but most people are really overweight because they eat too much food every day.
To achieve an ideal message, it is important that you consume all kinds of important nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. Nutrients are the building blocks of your body and are therefore necessary. You can find all kinds of information about nutrients at the nutrition centre, a website set up by the government. At the nutrition center you can find all kinds of alternative foods that are healthier. You will also find many recipes to cook healthy and delicious food for your family.
Of course you can enjoy something tasty every now and then, but try to do this in moderation. Also check carefully whether you are not eating too much with a healthy meal. For example, potatoes are healthy with the main meal, but you should not eat too many potatoes.


Make sure you don’t consume too much sugar. Since the rise of fast food and soft drinks, the market has been saturated with sugar-rich products, such as cola and chocolate cookies. Of course it’s tasty, but think about it before you eat it all. It’s all very unhealthy for your body. Before you know it, you have an unpleasant disease, such as diabetes.

Tips for keeping an eye on your diet

  • Write down what you eat every day for a week. Many people think they eat healthy, but are confronted with themselves when they write down their diet.
  • Try to only snack on the weekend and enjoy it thoroughly, so that you don’t miss it so much during the week.
  • Have healthy snacks ready. For example, put a pan of vegetable soup or cucumber slices in the refrigerator for when you feel like eating something.



Another crucial part of losing weight is exercise. Losing weight in a healthy way is usually not possible without sport or exercise. Therefore, sign up for a gym, or go outside for cycling, walking, running, etc. Do
you already exercise? Then your body may be in a stuck pattern. For example, if you join a gym, try something you’ve never done before, such as a challenging group class or strength training with a personal trainer. This way you ensure that your body does not get used to the movements and that you continue to get results from your exercise.


It is important to remember that losing weight takes time. Your body needs time to adapt. The problem with (crash) diets is that your body does not receive enough nutrients for a certain period of time. When you start eating normally again after the diet, your body retains all the nutrients as a kind of natural protection, with the result that you actually gain extra weight.
You may also gain weight when you start exercising or exercise in a different, more intensive way. Muscles are heavier than fat. When you start training, your muscles will grow and you may gain weight. That is why it is important to keep an eye on your fat percentage to see if your fat percentage is decreasing. You can have this measured in a gym, for example.

Own experience

I used to be overweight myself. Fortunately, by exercising and eating healthy, I have achieved a healthy weight. In fact, I now give sports lessons three times a week and help other people with healthy food and exercise. So I can tell you from my own experience that losing weight can also be successful for you, with some discipline and patience.


Always consult a doctor if you want to lose a lot of weight.

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