XL-S Medical: side effects, price, experiences and effects

According to the manufacturer Omega Chefaro, the solution to your excess weight has been found with the slimming capsule XL-S Medical. According to the manufacturer, the product, which is based entirely on natural ingredients, absorbs 27% of the ingested dietary fats, which means that an additional weight loss of 1-3 kilos per week can be expected over a period of 12 weeks of use. It should be noted that XL-S Medical serves to support your diet. XL-S Medical should therefore not be seen as a panacea, requiring no dietary adjustment or extra exercise.

XL-S Medical

XL-S Medical is a weight loss supplement for overweight and obese people. The drug should be used in addition to a lifestyle of healthy nutrition and sufficient exercise. When using XL-S Medical in this combination, the use of this drug could lead to 3x more weight loss compared to if one would only eat healthily and exercise sufficiently. This effect is achieved because the XL-S Medical capsules ensure that a large part of the dietary fats clump together and are then absorbed.
XL-S Medical is available in three different variants:

  • XL-S Medical Fat Binder
  • XL-S Medical Carbohydrate Blocker
  • XL-S Medical Appetite Suppressant
  • XL-S Medical Max Strength
  • XL-S Medical Ultra 5


Which variant is best to use?

Which variant of XL-S Medical has the best effect for you depends very much on your lifestyle and physique.

XL-S Medical Fat Binder

The most commonly used variant of XL-S Medical is the so-called Fat Binder. This means that the capsules can bind up to 27% of the fats from food, making it easy to remove excess fats from the body naturally (via the bowel movements). This simplifies the waste process considerably.

XL-S Medical Carbohydrate Blocker

XL S Medical Carbohydrate Blocker contains a unique and patented glycoprotein complex from beans, which means that taking the capsule reduces carbohydrate absorption by up to 66%. This variant is therefore very suitable for the real lover of carbohydrate-rich food. However, the maximum amount of 600 calories per meal should not be exceeded.

XL-S Medical Appetite Suppressant

When one is inclined to cattle; If you do not want to consume (unhealthy) snacks, the Appetite Suppressant is a very suitable variant.
The Appetite Suppressant stimulates the feeling of satiety and slows down stomach emptying.

XL-S Medical Max Strength

XL-S Medical Max Strength are tablets that help you control your weight faster. You must use it in combination with a healthy diet and sufficient exercise. The XL-S Medical Max Strength tablets can contribute to reducing calorie intake from carbohydrates, sugar and fat.

XL-S Medical Ultra 5

XL-S Medical Ultra 5, fat binder contains an active ingredient of natural origin called Okranol. XL-S Medical Ultra 5 is an aid to use when losing weight. The weight loss when using XL-S Medical Ultra would result in 5 to 5 times more weight loss than with diet alone and you will achieve a visible result after 1 month.

XL-S Medical in combination with other medication

When using medication, it is always advisable to consult your doctor or pharmacist before using XL-S Medical. If you use fat-soluble medication, such as oral contraceptives, diabetes medication or cholesterol-lowering agents, it is not recommended to take these medications at the same time as your XL-S Medical capsules.

Advice regarding intake

Take your XL-S Medical capsule half an hour after each meal. Take your other medication two hours later, so that your medication cannot react with your slimming capsules.

Side effects

According to the XL-S Medical package insert, the use of XL-S should not cause any major side effects. In practice, it appears that many users suffer from severe to very severe diarrhea. However, the registered numbers are still too low to include diarrhea as a side effect in the package leaflet.

Please note, XL-S Medical products should not be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding and for people with a BMI lower than 18.5 (you can calculate your BMI here). If this weight loss product is used in these situations, serious health risks cannot be ruled out. If in doubt, it is recommended to consult a doctor.


The price of XL-S Medical

When searching on the internet, you will find that the prices of XL-S Medical will vary greatly in different web shops for medicines and waste supplements. The price of XL-S Medical at the XL-S Medical webshop is approximately 70 euros per month. This assumes the recommended dose of 3×2 capsules per day. XL-S Medical assumes a usage period of twelve weeks, which would bring the total costs to approximately 210 euros.

Does it really work?

Although the manufacturer claims that the drug is very effective and there are many positive reviews at online drugstores, there are also doubts about the drug and there is no clinical evidence that can explain the enormous weight loss that is promised.

Consumers Association

The Consumers’ Association states on its website that it is not convinced of the effectiveness of the XL-S Medical pills and advises against taking the pills. “XL-S Medical has a small effect on your weight for a high price. There is little evidence that it really works. There is also uncertainty about what the longer-term effects are. The claim ‘3x more weight loss than with better food and more exercise’ only applies to 1 specific combination of food and exercise. And losing weight is already about eating well and exercising. That’s why our advice is to start eating and exercising immediately. And skip the pill.” .

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