Beautiful nails with artificial nails and nail polish

A beautifully groomed and decorated nail catches the eye. More and more people are beautifying their hands by applying nail polish or artificial nails. Nail polish protects the nail, but is also there to stop nail biting. Artificial nails come in several shapes and can be made of different materials. How does having an artificial nail placed work and what does the work of a nail stylist entail?

Nail decoration

You can decorate nails in different ways. A beautifully manicured nail with an eye-catching color stands out. You can choose a color that matches your clothes, or use a nice glossy clear varnish. If you like long nails, or you have ugly nails, artificial nails can offer a solution.

Nail polish

Nail polish not only looks beautiful, but it also protects and strengthens the nails. The strengthening of nail polish can prevent the nail from breaking or tearing. If you want the best results, it is better to apply a good base coat. Discolorations and imperfections are thus removed and discoloration of the nail is prevented. If you want to remove the nail polish again, it is better to do this with an acetone-free remover. Some acetone-free removers contain conditioning oils to prevent damage to the nails. Put some remover on a cotton ball or cotton pad and press it against the nail. Let it soak in for a while so that the nail polish dissolves a bit and then you can rub the rest away.

Nail biters

Nail biting is an annoying habit and nails sometimes look chipped and frayed. Nail polish can provide the solution for nail biters. There are special types of nail polish available for this purpose that have a bad taste. This is very discouraging if you (perhaps unconsciously) put a nail in your mouth. If this does not help with short bitten nails, hypnotherapy can offer a solution.

Artificial nails

Artificial nails are becoming increasingly popular and are now a normal phenomenon. More and more nail studios are appearing where you can have the most beautiful creations made. In the past, this was typically something for women, but more and more men are also leaving artificial nails on. This is possible, for example, if the nail has been lost as a result of an accident. An artificial nail can be an extension of your own nail by folding the nail around the fingertip, slightly below the natural free edge. In some cases, the nail is glued to a piece of the nail bed. Depending on the preferences of the customer and the nail stylist, the following methods can be chosen:

  • Acrylic nails: modeled nails in clear or pink with white powder and liquid. They are dried by air or with a UV lamp.
  • Gel nails: these are nails made of a substance similar to hair gel that is hardened under a UV lamp.
  • Fiberglass: Strips of mesh-like fabric with resin.
  • Silk: strips of silk and resin.


Have artificial nails applied

First, the hands and nails of both the customer and the nail stylist are cleaned. Afterwards, a basic manicure will be performed. The skin flakes on the nail bed are removed and the nail bed is roughened slightly so that the artificial nail can adhere better. The artificial nail is glued in place and then it is polished so that it fits well with the natural nail. Do not make the artificial nails too long the first time, as this can hinder your daily activities. If you think it’s too short, you can make them a little longer next time. After hardening, the artificial nails are polished until they are flat everywhere and have the correct shape. A layer of gel is then applied, which hardens under a UV lamp and becomes shiny. If necessary, you can have another layer of lacquer applied to it. The first treatment takes about an hour and a half and a follow-up session usually takes half an hour.

Nail decorations

You can decorate your nails in different ways. This way you can apply simple rubbing plates directly to the nail polish. You can turn it into miniature works of art by having all kinds of beautiful images or airbrushed on the nail. Artificial diamonds or nail piercings are all possible. If you like color, you can use all kinds of colors from bright pink to beautiful pastel colors. There are simple sets available to apply this to the nail yourself, but you can also have this done by the nail stylist. The costs depend on your wishes and skills of the nail sytlis.

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