Using the female orgasm to get pregnant

As soon as a woman and her partner have decided to have a child together, she naturally wants to get pregnant as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this does not always work as quickly as desired. There are various factors that could underlie this. On the other hand, fortunately there are also ways to increase the chances of conception. A number of these are highlighted below.

  • Favorable position for fertilization
  • The woman’s orgasm
  • Cervical mucus
  • Sex every two to three days


Favorable position for fertilization

Missionary pose

The classic way of making love in which the man lies on top of the woman and the woman lies on her back with her legs in a raised position. This position is very beneficial for fertilization as the penis can reach deep into the vagina during ejaculation. In addition, the position of the vagina is such that the sperm cells can easily continue their way towards the egg cell and are not affected by gravity.

Spoon Spoon or from the back

During spoon-spoon sex, the man lies on his side, towards the back of the woman who also lies on her side. Deep penetration can also take place in this position, which is beneficial for fertilization. This also applies to penetration from behind (doggy style). When the woman is on her knees in front of her man, she can bend far forward so that the penis can again enter deeply.

The woman’s orgasm

A woman’s orgasm contributes to the sperm being pushed even deeper into the cervix by the muscle contractions of the vagina during and after the orgasm. The woman’s orgasm actually helps the sperm cells get to the right place. After sex, it is also wise to lie down for ten minutes, so that not all the semen slides down again due to gravity.

Cervical mucus

There are many possibilities in nature, but if you want to give nature a helping hand, it is important to have sexual intercourse on the right days of the month if you want to have children. With an irregular cycle it is difficult to determine the ovulation peak and therefore choose the right moment. To increase your chances, you could pay attention to the cervical mucus. At the time of ovulation, this mucus becomes increasingly smooth in structure, more elastic and wetter. During the rest of the cycle, the mucus is drier, thicker, or grainier. The dry and tough structure of the mucus makes it less easy for the seed to penetrate and keeps any unwanted bacteria out. The smooth and wet structure promotes both sexual intercourse and the possibility of fertilization because the sperm can easily penetrate.

Sex every two to three days

If the man ejaculates too often, the quality of the sperm is not good. To ensure the quality of the sperm, it is better to have good sex every two to three days, where you both really get your money’s worth. Because the more passionate the lovemaking, the greater the chance of conception. This has to do with the fact that the vagina becomes wetter when aroused, which is very good for sperm transport to the egg cell. Don’t be afraid if you haven’t had sex for two days, because sperm cells can survive in the cervix for a number of days, with a maximum of ten days! Ten days is an exception and under very good conditions.
The most important thing is that both the woman and the man enjoy the lovemaking and that the woman, after the man has ejaculated, provides her own orgasm!!

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