Yoga for daily vitamins

You can get vitamins from a jar, from your food and/or from your body. Of course, the latter is not in a literal sense, but in a way that allows you to start your day actively. It gives you energy. It is not a long series of exercises, so it is easy to do in the early morning hours.

Get started actively

Many people lack the time to practice yoga extensively in the morning hours, for example. However, first resting in the morning and then exercising, which can also be half an hour of running or swimming, is very good. You can use the substances you produce during your activities for the rest of the day. An advantage that yoga brings is that you can start your day actively, but from a place of rest.

Nothing for a while…

It is therefore good to build in some kind of moment of rest before you start with the yoga exercises. One person takes a moment of meditation for this, turns inward and seeks total relaxation by placing everything that is in the pipeline and passing through your thoughts on a passing cloud and letting it float along. This way you create peace in your mind and recharge.
A mantra is another way to start the day in a pleasant way from a kind of singing (some people hum, others sing) before you start your yoga exercises. A mantra can be something close to your heart and can contribute to a good start to the day. Repeat this sentence several times in succession (at least 10 times) and do this several times a day if necessary. You can say in a sentence that, for example, you will get through the day in peace, you have energy to get through the day or just what you experience as pleasant for your (busy) day.
You can also use an existing mantra and repeat it variously. grind. The mantra below gives you mental strength and experience that it is a pleasant way to start your day. Maybe read it carefully, otherwise you might break your tongue over it.

Source: Unsplash, Pixabay

Gayatri Mantra
Om bhur bhuvah swaha
Tat savitur varenyam
Bhargo devasya dhimahi
Dhiyo yo nah prachodayat

The exercises

Open the body

It is always good to start your day with the exercise that opens the body and gets everything going. Stand up straight with your feet hip-width apart. Let the arms hang smoothly along the body and slowly lift them above the head with a deep inhale. Interlace your fingers there and, as it were, pull on your hands, so that you stretch your body (make sure your back remains straight). Hold this position for a moment and exhale until your arms hang smoothly along your body again. Repeat these exercises five times.

Loosen the waist

Stand in a staggered position (the legs are not too far apart, you should be standing firmly) and make sure that your knees are not too tight. Breathe deeply and simultaneously extend your arms to your sides at shoulder height. As you exhale, turn your torso to the left, your right hand goes to your left shoulder and your left arm goes behind your back at your waist. Look over your left shoulder, turning your head as far as you can. As you inhale, come back up with your arms at shoulder height. As you exhale, turn the other way. You must repeat this exercise about five times.

Sun salutation

The sun salutation is wonderful in the morning hours and opens up the body and allows you to really breathe. Ideally suited for the morning. Read here how the sun salutation works and gives an extra boost if you stand towards the sun and experience the warmth (this can also be inside in front of the window).

  • Stand upright with your feet directly under your hips and feel for a moment whether you are relaxed. Place your palms together and your thumbs against (or just in front of) the sternum. Feel that you are standing firmly with your back straight and your pelvis tilted.
  • Now press your arms up while inhaling, stretch with your face pointed upwards and feel your breathing being transported directly through the blood throughout the body.
  • On an exhalation, come down and bend to your knees, feel the muscles in your legs and then on an inhale, place your left leg far back, placing your hands on the floor in front of you.
  • Hold your breath for a moment and bring your other leg back as well, with your heels pointing towards the ground as much as possible.
  • Your back (and your arms in extension) and legs are now at an angle, pushing your tailbone even further back. You push your chin towards your chest.
  • Then inhale again while bringing your legs forward (stretched) and bringing them to hip-width apart. Hang your back in front of you with your arms in line. Let them hang for a moment, relaxing.
  • Then take that step backwards again (first left leg and then right leg) and place your hands on the ground in front of you. Hold for a moment and repeat the same position again.
  • Then you stand again with your arms in the air, stretch your body and make it as tall as possible and finish with the starting position where you stand and let your arms hang smoothly along your body.



It shouldn’t be a chore, but if you set aside some time for a meditation/mantra moment and some yoga exercises, you will start your day a lot more pleasantly and relaxed. Which in a busy society where everything has to be done can be a wonderful moment of rest.

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