Unwanted body hair: how to remove it

Normally every person has hair on their body, with the amount of hair depending on genetic background, gender and age. Some people suffer from body hair in unwanted places and are busy removing it. For example, if a woman suffers from facial hair or a man has excessive hair growth on his back. What methods of hair removal are there and what exactly do these methods entail?

Body hair

All mammals, including humans, have hair on their bodies. The amount of hair depends on genetic background and age. You often see that men are balding on the head. Whether someone has too much or too little body hair is a matter of personal or social beliefs. The amount of body hair on certain parts of the body can be very undesirable and some people are seriously concerned about it. For example, if a woman with dark hair suffers from whiskers. Some people spend a lot of time and money removing this annoying hair.

Remove hair

Unwanted hair can be removed in various ways. This is how you can epilate hair. This involves removing the hair beneath the skin surface and removing it from the hair follicle. This is done with tweezers, epilator, resin or sugar mixture. Hair removal can also be done by removing the hair from the surface of the skin by shaving. A definitive way to get rid of unwanted hair is through laser hair removal.


It may hurt to remove hair with tweezers, wax or sugar, but the hair is removed successfully. Because the hair follicle remains active, new hair will be produced. Hair removal with tweezers is generally done on smaller surfaces such as the eyebrows or stray hairs, because otherwise it takes a lot of time. Hair removal can change the structure of the hair, causing it to grow in or the hair follicle to become inflamed. Be careful when removing the hair from the eyebrows because they sometimes do not grow back. You can do waxing at home, but you can also have it done in a salon. The resin is applied to the areas with the unwanted hair and is pulled off the skin once it hardens. If you find it difficult to torment yourself, let someone else do it. The same technique is used for hair removal with sugar. Instead of resin, a sugar mixture is used.

Hair removal

Depilatory cream is a temporary solution, because the hair follicle is not damaged and the hair will grow back. The hair is removed just below the surface of the skin. The cream contains chemicals that damage the hair and cause it to fall out. It will also affect the skin. With healthy skin this usually does not cause any problems. If you are using hair removal cream for the first time, first test it on a small area of the skin to see how the skin reacts. Before applying the depilatory cream, you can wash the skin with warm water to open the hair follicles. The cream can penetrate better this way. This cream should not be used on the face and do not leave the cream on for longer than recommended.


This is a quick solution for removing unwanted hair. Men and women can choose between dry and wet shaving. Both methods have their advantages and each part of the body has a different direction of hair growth.

Wet shave

This method takes more time than dry shaving, but it is better for the skin. This works better, especially for dry and rough skin, because fewer irritations occur. Some shaving creams contain moisturizing ingredients. There are also types of shaving foam that contain oil. Wet shaving shaves hair better.

Dry shave

The advantage of dry shaving is that no hot water and shaving foam are required. Shaving is cleaner, safer and more mobile. If you use a shaver, it is almost impossible to cut yourself. The disadvantage is that with dry shaving the hairs are shaved less short.

The shaving direction

There are several directions for shaving body parts:

  • The hair on the face should first be shaved in the direction of growth, then against it
  • The legs are shaved in an upward direction, then against the direction of growth
  • The hair on the forearms grows in different directions. These areas must be shaved downwards and finally sideways to remove the hair properly
  • The skin around the bikini line is sensitive. The hair should be shaved in the direction of growth to avoid irritation


Facial hair in women

There are many women who are ashamed of dark or excessive facial hair growth. There are temporary and permanent solutions available. One option for dark hair is to bleach the hair with diluted hydrogen peroxide and an ammonia solution. You can also remove the unwanted hair with wax, which makes the skin clean and smooth. Electrolysis can destroy hairs, but this is a long process and can be painful. Undesirable side effects such as pockmarked scars may occur. The hairs do grow back, but they become thinner and paler.

Nose and ear hair in men

As men age, the nose and ear hairs become thicker and coarser. The hairs that stick out can be cut or shaved with special clippers. The male hormone that causes baldness is thought to play a role in hair growth in the nose and ears. Pulling out these unwanted hairs is not recommended because it could cause inflammation.

Hair removal with laser

A laser beam is focused on the skin for one millisecond. The hair follicles are disabled and hair can no longer grow. This method is unpleasant and is accompanied by a stinging sensation. Sometimes a local anesthetic is used to make the treatment less unpleasant. The treatment of an upper lip takes a few minutes, while the back can take up to an hour. Laser hair removal works especially well for people with pale skin and dark hair. Blonde, gray and white hair respond a lot less well, although much also depends on the skills of the person carrying out the treatment. Most people lose up to 70 percent of their hair after three to five treatments.

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