Looking inside the human body to diagnose ailments

This form of clairvoyance allows a person to see inside another person’s body without equipment or surgery.

Looking inside the human body

One can view specific organs or parts of them in this way by looking at the appropriate part of the body. This way you can zoom in on each organ and determine whether something is wrong with it. If something is wrong with an organ, the clairvoyant can describe what he sees or say what it is. This characteristic can also occur in weaker forms in humans, where it is less clear what the inside looks like. The ability to look inside the human body to diagnose ailments is very rare, but in Russia there is a girl who became famous for this ability. Her name is Natasha Demkina and she is also called the girl with the X-ray eyes.

The girl with the x-ray eyes; Natasha Demkina

Natasha’s story sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie, but doctors have not yet been able to refute her miraculous gift. She can literally see right through people, without the aid of special X-ray equipment. Natasha’s mother says that as a child her daughter was no different from other children. She did learn faster than all her peers; she could talk when she was six months old and by the time she was one year old she could recite poems. By age three, she knew the entire alphabet and had learned how to drive a snowmobile.
When she was ten, Natasha had to go to hospital to have her appendix removed. When complications arose she was operated on for a second time and a month later she started making strange comments. All indications were that she could see inside people, as she told her mother that she saw what looked like a vacuum cleaner hose, two beans and a tomato. Although Natasha didn’t know the correct terms, her mother guessed that her daughter was talking about her intestines, kidneys and heart.
At the children’s hospital in her hometown in western Russia, doctors performed all kinds of tests to find out whether the girl indeed had X-ray eyes. During one of these tests, Natasha drew a picture of what she saw in a doctor’s abdomen. With a dark dot she indicated the spot where the man had a stomach ulcer. She also disagreed with various diagnoses and an investigation showed that she was right every time. A British newspaper brought Natasha to England, where she successfully pointed out all the fractures and metal pins on a journalist who had recently been in a car accident.


In Russia, Natasha is now a celebrity. People used to line up outside Natasha’s parents’ small apartment for a doctor’s visit. Natasha, who then wanted to study medicine, asked each patient for 10 euros to pay for her studies. Meanwhile, Natasha is 26 years old and works as a doctor at the Special Diagnostics of the Natalya Demkina (TSSD) in Russia. After the examinations, Natasha often has headaches, she also says that it is emotionally exhausting because of the diseases she always diagnoses. The pity is that she is the only one to whom she cannot apply her gift.

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