Seeing energetic or paranormal UFOs

UFOs come in two types. Everyone can see one species, but that happens very rarely. In this case the spaceship is clearly visible in terrestrial matter, which is not true for the second type. This is about UFOs that are not visible in earthly matter, but in energy. Only clairvoyants can see these spaceships.

What does the word UFO actually mean?

UFO is the abbreviation for Unidentified Flying Objects. This name is preferred to flying saucers because many observations have been made of flying objects that did not resemble a saucer at all, but were balloon or cigar shaped and therefore bore no resemblance to flying saucers.

Historical finds

The thesis about the existence of spaceships is defended on the basis of numerous historical discoveries. Around 15,000 years before Christ, extraterrestrial beings visited our earth. This can be deduced from the Bible, where various experts have found clues for this remarkable view. Mysterious messages have been found throughout history indicating that mysterious space vehicles have been seen and that mysterious beings from outer space have visited.

Many reports of unknown flying objects

Over the past 50 years, the number of reports of unknown flying objects has increased so much that newspapers, governments and scientists from all parts of the world no longer kept aloof and the hunt for the flying saucers began.


Official interest began in 1947 when the chief of the Swedish air defense reported that some flying objects had been observed at low altitudes. The objects were seen as fiery spheres surrounded by pale yellow flames. His movements could be followed well despite the height. According to the flight schedule, there were no flights in that area and therefore four F-51s were called to study the object. Soon two of these planes had to land due to a sudden shortage of fuel. The two other planes continued and were directed by the people in the control tower. People regularly asked what the pilots saw, but strangely enough they could not remember the description afterwards. One of the remaining F-51s had already climbed so high that they could no longer see it. They didn’t even get an answer in the control tower when they called for him to come back. An hour later the control tower lost sight of the UFO and a few minutes later they were informed that the same F-51 had crashed. The pilot was dead and, according to later investigations, his body had been exposed to such intense heat that his body had literally been cooked. This is a phenomenon that is observed in more victims who come close to a UFO. Scientists have investigated several of these cases but have found no explanation for them. Thousands of letters reporting these objects were received from all parts of Sweden around that period, and since then the US Air Force has been investigating thousands of reports of UFOs. More than 90% of these could be explained as stars, rockets, planets, meteors, airplanes, weather balloons, but for 10% of all reports no explanation has ever been found.

Psychics and UFOs

Psychics believe that aliens are watching our Earth and visited us in spaceships thousands of years ago. The UFOs are products of beings with a very high class of development, who do not belong in our solar system. Several people talk about not even being in the galaxy.

Can you only believe in UFOs if you have seen one?

According to science, you should actually say no because several observations could not be explained at all, but they still answer yes. They have seen and read so much material themselves, and even though these sightings cannot be explained, they have never seen a real UFO themselves.

Seeing space aliens

Seeing space aliens can also occur in two ways. The first way is seeing these beings with normal eyes and the second way is seeing alien beings with clairvoyant eyes. Both, just like with spaceships, rarely occur. In this case too, countless writings from history are known where they have been shown to humans. Most people who think they have seen a space alien all describe these creatures the same way. The shape of their face is somewhat similar to that of humans, but more spherical. Their bodies are emaciated and they are not hostile at all. Images have also been found on various Egyptian objects that indicate that they have been visited by extraterrestrial beings.

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