The Tarot (the Rider Waite card game)

The card game with Tarot cards has appealed to the imagination for centuries. The different card sets (this article takes the Rider Waite card game as a starting point) often look beautiful, but what exactly is the Tarot, what can you use this card game for and which Tarot game is suitable to start?

The Tarot

This card game consists of 78 cards. These cards are divided into two arcans (secrets).

  • The major arcana (big secret) consists of 22 cards.
  • The minor arcana (little secret) consists of 56 cards).


The major arcana

Various archetypes can be seen on the 22 cards of the major arcana. They represent human figures (e.g. the king), concepts (e.g. death, letting go) and astrological aspects (the sun, moon and stars). The images on the major arcana ask you to look within and ask yourself, what does this archetype mean to me, what is my image like.

  • 0 the fool
  • 1 the magician
  • 2 the high priestess
  • 3 the queen
  • 4 the king
  • 5th Hierophant
  • 6 the lovers
  • 7 the blessing chariot
  • 8 power
  • 9 the hermit
  • 10 wheel of fortune
  • 11 justice
  • 12 the hanged man
  • 13 death
  • 14 moderation
  • 15 the devil
  • 16 the tower
  • 17th star
  • 18 the moon
  • 19 the sun
  • 20 the judgment
  • 21 the world


The minor arcana

The minor arcana consists of four suits of 14 cards.

  • Rods
  • Swords
  • Cups
  • Pentacles

The minor arcana provides information about how to do something. Within each suit of 14 cards you have:

  • an ace (card 1)
  • cards 2 to 10
  • a squire
  • a knight
  • a queen
  • a king



Through various readings, the Tarot can help you learn more about yourself. By reading the cards and using your intuition you get information about what is going on (subconsciously) and what could help you now. The sword (7 cards) and the Celtic cross (10 cards) are well-known spreads. There are also people who draw one card every day (so-called day card). Information about this can be found in most books about the Tarot.

Which Tarot set should you use to learn the card game?

There are an incredible number of different Tarot sets such as Thoth Tarot, Inner Child Tarot set, Shakespeare Tarot set, Tarot of the Wild Forest, etc. Many people start with the Rider Waite Tarot set. There are also many books about this. You can also start with other sets, but initially choose a set with a book that explains the different cards and their meaning. You can always switch to another set later. You mainly get to know the Tarot by doing it a lot.

Your birth card in the Tarot

With a simple calculation you can calculate your birth card from the Tarot card game. This is a card from the major arcana series. Your birth card shows the theme that is important to you in this life. What are you (unconsciously) concerned with? What do you want to learn? Your birth chart shows information about this.

Calculation of your birth chart

Suppose you were born on June 22, 1970. June is month 6. You put the number of the day, month and year together and add them up.

  • 0022
  • 0006
  • 1970
  • ——-
  • 1998

From this outcome you add the numbers individually: 1+9+9+8=27
From this outcome you also add (if necessary) the individual numbers: 2+7=9
Your birth chart is 9: the hermit

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