Combat obesity with zinc supplements

Having too much weight is a major health problem for many from an early age. It can happen that a certain eating pattern is detrimental to weight. One way to lose weight is by growing muscle tissue. If you increase the testosterone level in the body, muscles can be created, so that fats disappear. The mineral zinc can help you lose weight. How do zinc supplements fit into a diet to get rid of excess weight?

Obesity vs zinc supplements

  • Addressing estrogen levels
  • Stimulating testosterone
  • Zinc to promote muscle production
  • Exercise more and eat more often


Addressing estrogen levels

The substance estrogen ensures that the body retains fluid and fats are stored. It is largely responsible for weight gain in both women and men. The substance is active in both sexes and is the primary counterpart of male testosterone. It is produced from androgen, with the level of production determined by the presence of aromatase. As weight increases, the amount of aromatase increases, causing more estrogen to be produced. One gains weight, emphasizing the feminine shapes. It may be the cause of gynecomastia, or male breasts.

Stimulating testosterone

This hormone is responsible for the production of muscles and shapes the masculine characteristics of the body. It largely determines how strong the body is, but also how much sperm is produced. This means that there is a relationship between weight and sexual performance. Being overweight means less testosterone, which can reduce erectile function. In addition, the production of good sperm cells decreases. By promoting testosterone production, the body can benefit in many ways.

Zinc to promote muscle production

More muscles in the body means a more favorable energy balance. Muscles also require energy during rest, while stored fats do nothing. By increasing the amount of muscle in the body you can stimulate weight loss. This continues until a new level is found between energy demand and intake. Zinc limits the influence of aromatase and therefore estrogen, or you can indirectly promote testosterone levels. By regularly taking zinc supplements (about 150 mg/day) you can achieve a good balance, where muscle mass is created and you can lose weight. What can you do additionally?

Exercise more and eat more often

Make sure you know exactly what food you are consuming. Always avoid fast-burning carbohydrates and saturated fats. It is important to continue to eat, because the stomach produces amino acids and good metabolic substances, which allow the body to use food, energy and minerals better. A more efficient balance between food intake and energy consumption ensures that you lose weight. In addition to taking zinc to stimulate muscle formation, it is a good idea to boost metabolism. Eating more often ensures that the stomach remains functioning, and you also exercise more for an increased adrenaline level. That is also a metabolite that can help you lose weight. Combine several useful methods in addition to zinc supplements to achieve a strong and slim body.
Ask your doctor to inform you to what extent you can add the supplement to your diet in a healthy way. Also read the package leaflet.

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