Buy a tanning bed or tan in a tanning salon

You can sunbathe under a tanning bed in a tanning studio, but also at home. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Sunbathing at home is nice and easy, but a sunbed does take up space. Buying your own tanning bed is an expensive affair, but at a tanning salon you pay an amount every time. What is cheaper depends on how often and how long you want to sunbathe. The tanning beds in a studio are more powerful and have more effect, but ultimately you can get just as tan at home. All in all a difficult choice.

Quality and effect of tanning beds

A tanning studio has professional tanning beds. These banks are much more expensive and more powerful than the tanning beds that you can buy as a consumer. You wouldn’t be able to connect such a sunbed in a normal home, because it requires high-voltage electricity. The fact that the home tanning bed is less powerful also means that you have to use it longer for the same effect. If you have a sun canopy, where there are only lights at the top, this will take even longer, because you can only get a tan on one side at a time. Tanning beds in a tanning studio always have both top and bottom lights.
In tanning salons you can also choose between different types of sofas. The most important difference is the strength of the bank. If you have been in the sunbed a lot or if you have been in the sun a lot, your skin will build up pigment and you can switch to a more powerful bed, which will achieve the same effect in less time. Of course, you don’t have this option at home. If you want to get a tan there, you will have to sunbathe longer and longer.
Of course, it does not have to be a problem that you have to spend longer in the sunbed at home. It can actually be very relaxing. But if you want to build up the intensity, you have to do it for longer and longer and it may take too much time, or you may find it annoying to lie still for so long.

The price of sunbathing

Tanning in a tanning salon costs money. Prices can vary considerably per tanning studio and in general it also depends on which couch you want to use for how long. For an average tanning session you will spend between 5 and 15. With one visit to the tanning salon a week, you can already have a considerable effect. You can of course also use the sunbed more often.
Purchasing a tanning bed usually costs between 1,000 and 3,000. You can often get a sun canopy for less than 1,000. After the purchase it seems as if you have gotten rid of the costs, but that is not entirely true. A tanning bed requires quite a lot of electricity. For example, if a tanning bed uses 2500 Watts and it is on 2 hours a week, you will consume an additional 5 kWh. Assuming an electricity price of 0.23, you end up with 1.15 per week. That is of course a lot less than what you spend per week at a tanning salon, but it is something to take into account.
You must also take into account the fact that a sunbed can also break at some point. Then you will have to have it repaired, or you will have to buy a new tanning bed. Both are expensive affairs.

Convenience and space of the sunbed

On the one hand, it is very easy to have a sunbed or sun canopy in your home. Whenever you feel like it, you can go sunbathing and you don’t even have to leave the house. On the other hand, a tanning bed does take up space. You can start from the space occupied by a single bed. It depends on the amount of space you have left in your home whether this is a problem for you. The advantage of a sun canopy is that you can place it above a normal bed or sofa, so you hardly need any extra space.
For both the sun canopy and the sunbed, the use of the device may decrease over time. a big thing that you don’t use often is more likely to get in the way than something you use every week. If you sunbathe in a tanning salon, you will not have any problems with this.
The advantage of tanning salons is that they are often open six or seven days a week, so you can go when it suits you. Many tanning salons are also open in the evening, so you can also go there after work, for example.

Tanning studio or private tanning bed

Ultimately, the choice between your own tanning bed or sun canopy at home or tanning in a tanning studio is a personal choice. It depends on what you like: for example, do you want to be under it for as short a time as possible, or do you have no problem at all lying under it for a long time? What it will ultimately cost you depends on how you want to use the tanning bed. Before purchasing a tanning bed, it is wise to carefully estimate your use. The value you attach to the use of space also depends on your personal situation and personal preferences. If you don’t know it well yet, it is advisable to first visit a tanning salon. From there you can easily switch to purchasing your own tanning bed. Once you have bought a tanning bed, it would be a shame not to use it.

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