Gynecomastia: Causes of Male Breasts

Having enlarged breasts in men is a condition that people are ashamed of. It may appear harmless in the growing teenager, but in the middle-aged man it can be a sign of a life-threatening condition. In some circumstances a medical check is wise. What can be the causes of accelerated breast growth in men and what can be done about gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia, male breasts

  • Adolescent teenager
  • Middle-aged man
  • Why can gynecomastia be disturbing?
  • Drink, drugs and medicine
  • Medical reasons


Adolescent teenager

A large group of young people who gain weight develop enlarged breasts during puberty. Due to the influence of incorrect nutrition (abundance of sugars and fats), breast size increases rapidly, because there is relatively more estrogen in the body. At this stage of life it is not a serious condition, because in the majority of aging young people (adolescent fat) disappears on its own. After growth, the body has reached a healthier situation, requiring more energy due to physical exertion. The intake of the wrong substances can decrease, causing the condition to disappear. Medical intervention will virtually never apply to this group.

Middle-aged man

Another group where it mainly occurs concerns middle-aged men (40 to 60 years). The most characteristic feature of this group is that after the age of 30, the proportion of testosterone per year decreases, which increases the tendency to gain weight. In combination with a less healthy lifestyle, the man can gain weight more quickly, causing a large belly and breasts to develop. Please note that one may have a good body weight, but there is an emphasis on the development of the female form. There is no point in operating on obese men because they must first lose weight. If the condition still applies after rigorous weight loss, you can consider having a correction carried out. What could be the causes if gynecomastia is not caused by obesity?

Why can gynecomastia be disturbing?

The normal physical characteristic of the male does not include breast development comparable to that of the female. It gives a certain degree of gene in relation to the environment, because there is breast formation. In addition to this important reason, it can also be a worrying condition of the internal tissue. Adherences to the body can be life-threatening. Men can also get breast cancer. It is therefore always important to have further research carried out to rule out serious conditions. Based on the causes, a method of treatment or correction can be applied.

Drink, drugs and medicine

If you have an addiction, you must stop it. The body is overstimulated, causing extra storage of fat in the chest area. By adopting a healthy lifestyle (also by consuming healthy food), the blood sugar balance becomes much more favorable and you can lose weight. It also means a gradual removal of bad substances, creating a naturally healthy balance in the body. The enlarged male breasts will then decrease in size over time. The following substances, among others, can have a negative influence on the development of the condition: estrogen, antidepressants, isoniazid, androgen, Valium, amphetamine or digitalis. Consult with the doctor whether other medications can be used for treatment so that negative complications are less severe.

Medical reasons

In addition to an incorrect lifestyle or use of medication, there may also be problems with the body due to a condition or illness. The following conditions can cause an increase in breast tissue:

  • overweight and obesity: one needs to lose weight;
  • liver cirrhosis or liver cancer: quitting alcohol abuse or liver transplantation;
  • cancer of the adrenal glands or testicle causing relatively too much estrogen in the blood: removal of the tumor;
  • problems with the thyroid gland, which affects metabolism. It means partial or complete removal of the thyroid gland. Thereafter, Thyrax must be taken for life and a healthy lifestyle must be adopted.

Please note that several serious diseases can cause the condition. If breast growth suddenly starts and other abnormalities on the body may be involved, further investigation is immediately necessary. If in doubt, always have a medical check-up so that life-threatening conditions can be ruled out.

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