Nuratrim, the diet pill: experiences, side effects and price

We all want to lose weight quickly and easily without changing our diet. The question, however, is whether this is possible. If we can believe various media, the slimming pill Nuratrim is one of the very best diet pills. This diet pill guarantees rapid weight loss without having to exercise or put in much effort. In 2011, the use of Nuratrim was a big hype in the United States. This was partly caused by the fact that Kim Kardashian had indicated that she had successfully lost weight thanks to these pills. Nuratrim is composed of natural extracts such as licorice extract and green coffee bean extract. According to the manufacturer, taking Nuratrim pills should therefore not cause any side effects.

Nuratrim diet pill

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Nuratrim is a capsule made from natural extracts. The pill was invented by Doctor Alfred Hasslebacher to help men and women get rid of excess kilos. The diet pill, developed by Hasslebacher, contains substances such as green coffee beans, chili peppers, glucomannan and licorice extracts. Because the capsule is 100% natural, the diet pill is relatively safe compared to many other slimming products.

What are green coffee beans

The brown coffee beans that we all know are not originally brown at all. The coffee beans only get this color after the beans have been peeled and roasted. Originally, almost all immature and unprocessed coffee beans are green. Supplements often use an extract of green coffee beans (dried and ground coffee beans). Green coffee beans have been very popular since 2014, especially in the US. This is due to the attention that Dr. Oz gave to the green coffee beans.


Unlike many other diet pills, Nuratrim only requires one capsule per day. When taken with breakfast, this pill will help you throughout the day. The Nuratrim slimming pill ensures that you burn no less than 380 calories per capsule you take. This is comparable to running or cycling for an hour (for more information about the sport and burning calories, read the article: Losing weight, which sport is the best choice?)

How many kilos can I lose?

The manufacturer of Nuratrim assumes that the drug is used for a period of eight weeks. On average, people will lose 6 kilos of body weight within these eight weeks.

Experiences and side effects

According to the manufacturer of Nuratrim, the use of Nuratrim should not cause any side effects, because this weight loss supplement is 100% natural. However, user experiences teach us that every user reacts differently to taking Nuratrim. Many users confirm that they do not experience any side effects from the drug. Many others claim that taking Nuratrim causes them to suffer from severe stomach pain, diarrhea and extreme thirst. If you experience side effects after using Nuratrim, it is always advisable to consult a doctor.

Nuratrim in combination with other medications

According to the manufacturer of Nuratrim, the drug can be used in addition to any other medication. The use of many diet pills is not recommended for diabetics and when taking thyroid medication. Nuratrim, on the other hand, appears to work well with these conditions. Even though the manufacturer of Nuratrim indicates that the use of the drug is safe and goes well with the use of other medications, it is always advisable to inform your doctor or pharmacist about your use of Nuratrim.

When should I not use Nuratrim?

Using Nuratrim is not recommended for young people under the age of 16 and pregnant women. However, using Nuratrim in combination with breastfeeding is not a problem. However, it is not recommended to start using Nuratrim within six weeks of pregnancy.

How much does it cost to use Nuratrim?

The costs of Nuratrim capsules vary per drugstore and online store. On average, the price of 30 capsules in 2016 is 40 euros. For a period of use of two months, you will therefore have to budget approximately 100 euros.

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