Similarities between Gemini and Aquarius

Due to his stubbornness, it is not so easy for an Aquarius to develop a good relationship. But his intelligence is a sufficient attraction for some other star signs. With Gemini he is all four hands on one stomach.

Air and water

Gemini and Aquarius expect the same from life. They are both air and water signs, have the same appearance and get along wonderfully well when they are together. Intellectually, they understand each other completely and share a healthy curiosity for everything. When they start a conversation it seems like it will never end because they enjoy being in each other’s company and interacting at a high level. Gemini and Aquarius have the same friends and common interests and share a similar view of society.

The poles of attraction

They may disagree here and there, but there is little chance of this significantly affecting their relationship since they are meant to be together. They have numerous friends in common, but when they are together they tend to completely lose sight of their surroundings. Gemini loves the uniqueness and creativity of Aquarius while Aquarius admires the impulsiveness and quirkiness of Gemini.

A unique combination

Gemini has a passionate and flirtatious nature that Aquarius needs to accommodate and satisfy so that the fire between them does not diminish over time. Sometimes there are small outbursts in their relationship, but nevertheless their relationship is considered a godsend. Making love is the pinnacle for the couple and completely reflects their nature.
Both are intelligent and therefore stick together like candy. Their conversations reach new heights, allowing them to explore all facets of life.
Both star signs love change and choices in life, and they don’t need anyone else since they have each other. This combination loves spontaneity because they are convinced that the spontaneous spices up life and gives it meaning. They have a healthy and cordial relationship, have a lot of fun together and bring out the best in each other.
The only problem between Gemini and Aquarius is maturity and common sense. And that can lead to disappointments. But otherwise, this combination can handle anything and become the next Romeo and Juliet.

Tips for an even better relationship

  • Aquarius is prone to quickly stressing out and taking small things in life and everything too seriously. He withdraws into his shell and ignores others. Gemini needs to understand that and try to be patient with Aquarius’ emotions.
  • Aquarius is also stubborn and might force Gemini to do certain things. That can lead to endless discussions. Entering a relationship with Aquarius can sometimes seem difficult, but with a little understanding and love, Gemini will have no problem with this.
  • When Gemini and Aquarius focus on what really matters in life, they will be truly happy. In every relationship there are highs and lows, but love conquers all and this combination is close to perfection. Communication is the key word. If Gemini and Aquarius disagree, they will work it out because they communicate just fine. However, in certain circumstances Aquarius will have to put aside his stubbornness.



Since Gemini and Aquarius are such a good combination, they can handle any difficulty in life. No matter what happens, Gemini and Aquarius remain a solid unit. They enjoy sex and friendship and will support each other through thick and thin. The perfect combination!

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