Dark chocolate gives you peace and creates satisfaction

Dark chocolate is a real delicacy and a healthy one at that. Enthusiasts let her melt in their mouth and can sometimes look really glorified. Dark chocolate is made from the cocoa bean, which contains a number of nutrients that are good for the body. Various studies have shown that dark chocolate has a positive effect on body and mind. Anyone who occasionally eats a piece of this chocolate is doing themselves a favor. Dark chocolate has a calming, soothing effect and creates a feeling of satisfaction. That attitude always has a good effect on the heart and blood vessels. In addition, dark chocolate also contains many antioxidants. that have a positive effect on the body in their natural form.

The cocoa tree is the origin of our chocolate

Cacao is extracted from the fruits of the cacao tree. It only grows in countries around the equator. The climate there is suitable for those trees. The fruits of the cocoa tree are very bitter. The cocoa beans are roasted and cracked, after which the core is ground and mixed with sugars and milk fats.

The tastiest dark chocolate

That is different for many people. Some people swear by Côte dOr, others by Callebout or Jacques’ dark chocolate. Belgian dark chocolate in particular is highly valued, but the Germans and Swiss have also rediscovered dark chocolate and are selling it more and more often.

German and Swiss chocolate

The German chocolate is still mostly milk chocolate and quite sweet. Swiss chocolate is gaining more ground. There appear to be more and more lovers of dark chocolate and fortunately it can also be found more and more often in Germany.

Dark chocolate induces more satisfaction and tranquility than milk chocolate

That is not difficult to understand. Dark chocolate contains more cocoa parts than milk chocolate. Milk chocolate contains more milk fats and more sugar has been added than dark chocolate. You can taste that too. The milk chocolate melts more easily in the mouth and also tastes sweeter. Those with a sweet tooth will absolutely love milk chocolate. The Milka brand is a good example of this.

There is more cocoa powder in dark chocolate

Dark chocolate gives more satisfaction than milk chocolate and that is not difficult to understand. It is less sweet, but contains a higher concentration of cocoa powder. The higher the chocolate content, the less sugar is used in processing. Not everyone likes the chocolate of, for example, 78%, because it is quite bitter, but the chocolate of 72% is already very good to eat. One can get used to it.

Milk chocolate is less suitable for people who want to lose weight

The higher milk fats and sugar additives (carbohydrates) in the milk chocolate help each other to store the fats in the body. It is well known that fats and sugars combined in a food make you fat. So be careful with milk chocolate if you want to lose weight. Because dark chocolate contains less milk fat, its effect is also somewhat less.

White chocolate

The same applies to white chocolate as to milk chocolate: it has fewer good properties and more fats and sugars than dark chocolate. When making white chocolate, the brown cocoa powder is omitted. It is actually not real chocolate.

Good and healthy properties of chocolate

Much has been said and written about dark chocolate. Most people now know that dark chocolate in particular is healthier because it contains many antioxidants, but it is also believed that the ingredients also protect the body cells and have an anti-inflammatory effect. It is even said that one or two squares of chocolate every day could have an influence on blood pressure, because it has a relaxing effect on the walls of the blood vessels.


In addition, there are rumors that it would also have a beneficial effect on the formation of insulin in the body. Rumors! It has not yet been thoroughly investigated, but there are apparently indications for it. It would really be nice if this could be confirmed over time, but that is not the case yet.

Research into chocolate is still being done

The effect of the ingredients of the dark chocolate and especially the cocoa bean, with which the dark chocolate is made, is examined. Some researchers even say that dark chocolate contains more antioxidants than the well-known, healthy blueberry, but this has not yet been completely proven. It also appears that many of the good ingredients are lost when the dark chocolate is heated. You will therefore benefit most from it in a solid form.

Still, don’t eat too much dark chocolate

Anyone who has read the above carefully will immediately know that it is not wise to eat large quantities of this chocolate. After all, the same applies to dark chocolate as to all other foods: if you eat too much of it and therefore have too little room for a varied diet, you are doing yourself a disservice.

Be careful with the sugar amounts in chocolate

Moreover, dark chocolate also contains enough sugar. That has to be the case, otherwise the chocolate would become too bitter and no one would enjoy eating it anymore. However, eating a piece of dark chocolate occasionally does no harm and is even good, as long as it is done during the day and not just before meals or late at night just before going to sleep.

Weight loss diets

Dark chocolate is often excluded from weight-loss diets, but that is not entirely justified. Often, dark chocolate has fewer calories than certain fruits such as bananas, grapes, etc., which sometimes have high concentrations of natural fruit sugars. Even diabetics are not advised against dark chocolate, but they should of course consume it in moderation. After all, dark chocolate always contains some sugar.

Chocolates do not fit into a weight loss diet

Chocolates are a different story. Even though the bonbon looks like dark chocolate, the content is certainly not low-calorie. Tasty chocolates are made with ingredients such as finely ground nuts, oil, butter, whipped cream, grand marinier and other drinks, in which some chocolate is also mixed.

Lots of fats in the filling

It is precisely the fats that make the contents of the bonbon so soft and creamy and, together with the other ingredients, give the product a soft, creamy taste. The content of chocolates is therefore in most cases very high in calories. The low-calorie thin outer layer of dark chocolate does not detract from this. Eating a lot of chocolates is therefore really dangerous for the slim figure.

Also use dark chocolate in moderation

Anyone who eats a piece of dark chocolate every now and then in moderation is doing themselves a favor. It can’t hurt, but quite the opposite. It makes people satisfied. It is a proven fact that people who eat a piece of dark chocolate every day feel better than people who do not. So treat yourself to a piece of dark chocolate every now and then.

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