How does rooibos tea positively help the body?

There are many types of tea in the world that can have a beneficial effect on the body. Most teas contain theine, which can also have adverse effects. To avoid increases in blood pressure, etc. due to tea intake, you can use rooibos tea. In fact, it is not tea because it does not contain theine, but as usual, tea is made from it using hot water. What properties does this plant have and what are the positive substances in the leaf?

Rooibos tea

  • Red color and origin
  • Iron for red blood cells
  • Calcium to reduce osteoporosis
  • Tension, blood pressure and body aches
  • Rooibos tea for a good night’s sleep
  • Magnesium is good for everything
  • Muscle gain
  • What level of intake provides sufficient substances?


Red color and origin

The plant originally comes from southern Africa, but has been cultivated on a large scale in Europe since the 1930s. This means that it is directly available and affordable in our market. The red color in biological material is caused by iron. Because the leaf dries in the sun, it oxidizes slightly, giving it the beautiful color. If tea is made from it, the beneficial substances are released and can be drunk in dissolved form. It does not contain adrenaline-stimulating elements similar to caffeine, so it does not activate the body undesirably. So what are the beneficial elements of rooibos tea?

Iron for red blood cells

Having anemia means not having enough oxygen-rich blood, which makes the person tired and exhausted quickly. It can cause many physical problems or disorders to organs and muscles. Drinking this tea provides an important component for the formation of red blood cells, iron. In combination with hemoglobin, it has more capacity to connect oxygen. It is therefore the basis of stronger blood, which reduces the effects on the body. So we are strengthening! The tea is suitable for those with anemia, athletes, pregnant women and anyone who wants to have more resistance.

Calcium to reduce osteoporosis

The tea is relatively packed with calcium. If there is osteoporosis, too many acids are active, causing calcium to be removed from the skeleton. In other words, bones become brittle, which can cause fractures more quickly. To reduce its influence, you can take tea so that calcium is used to counteract the influence of acids. With osteoporosis it is important to always take sufficient vitamin D (specifically D3 with K2) and dairy products to limit the consequences. Possibly baking soda can be taken to reduce the influence of body acids. Combine the tea with previous vitamins so that you have and maintain strong bones.

Tension, blood pressure and body aches

Because calcium counteracts the effects of acids, the tension in the body, muscles and joints can decrease. A high acid level causes your body to be stressed, which can cause problems in several places. By neutralizing the influence of acids, the body can end up in a more favorable relaxed body balance. An additional advantage is that the heart does not have to pump as hard to supply all parts with sufficient blood. It means that by taking the tea you can relax, which can also lower blood pressure.

Rooibos tea for a good night’s sleep

The foregoing means that it is ideal for a good night’s sleep. The body relaxes, allowing a warm buzz to pass through the body. This is partly due to the lack of theine or caffeine. It contains soothing elements, which have an extremely beneficial effect when taken before going to sleep. Drink a few cups of tea before going to bed to help you get through the night.

Magnesium is good for everything

Many hundreds of processes are active in the body, for which magnesium is necessary. If the body does not receive enough of it, several complaints may gradually develop. These can be classified under the group of unexplained conditions, in which complaints become more serious over time. There does not need to be an identifiable medical reason for this. Taking sufficient magnesium ensures that vague complaints can be avoided, and resistance works better. Please note that magnesium also has a sleep-inducing effect.

Muscle gain

In order to lose weight properly, it is important to build sufficient muscle. This is based on the intake of sufficient zinc. It ensures that the percentage of testosterone increases, which builds muscles. More muscles means more energy demand, for which fats are burned. A favorable starting point for losing weight by taking rooibos tea. Because zinc stimulates testosterone production, it is good for sperm production and the erection works better.

What level of intake provides sufficient substances?

It is assumed that consuming three mugs or cups of tea adds sufficient substances and minerals to the body to support all the aforementioned elements of the body. Of course, taking a little more won’t hurt. A few cups in the morning to strengthen your body and a few in the evening before going to bed. This way you maintain good mineral levels, so that you can gain strength and be able to withstand ailments.

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