Similarities between Libra and Aquarius

Aquarius can build an excellent relationship with two star signs. Besides Gemini, Libra is the perfect match. Anyone who meets an Aquarius-Libra couple will immediately see that no one can ever come between the two.

Many similarities

A Libra and an Aquarius who spend time together radiate love and romance and seem made for each other. Both are social personalities and love meeting people. They are always open to new contacts. Mentally they are close to each other, which always makes a meeting a sparkling event. Libra loves to put forward creative ideas that Aquarius can capitalize on as the perfect partner.
Libra’s open-hearted and balanced personality particularly appeals to Aquarius, while Libra falls for the enthusiastic and somewhat bouncy way in which Aquarius presents his ideas. The spiritual foundation of the relationship between Aquarius and Libra is particularly strong because they stimulate each other mentally.
Other elements that attract Libra to Aquarius are his calmness and reserve and the ease with which he gets along with Libra’s air sign friends.

Social personalities

Both star signs are social by nature, but in different ways. While Aquarius behaves more like the center of an extensive circle of friends, Libra prefers separate contacts between people. They brighten up the weekends and holidays they spend together with all kinds of fun, romance and love.


Libra requires his Aquarius partner to pamper him/her in a romantic way, even though they have already developed a strong love bond. Libra loves to spend moments alone with Aquarius to keep the initial fire burning.

Influence on each other

Aquarius knows what he wants while Libra is sometimes unsure when important decisions have to be made. Libra teaches Aquarius to think more nuanced and helps him to express his ideas with more confidence. The thinking pattern of the intelligent Aquarius encourages Libra to immerse himself in his creative world.

Tips for an even better relationship

  • Both zodiac signs inhabit the amazing world of creative ideas. They both fall for intelligent personalities and enjoy conversations that reach a high level. This common preference helps them put the anger after a conflict into perspective and experience their relationship even better.
  • Since both Libra and Aquarius value their personal freedom, it is no problem to allow the other person freedom of movement and thus maintain harmony in their relationship.
  • There is only one fundamental difference in opinion between the two: while Libra wants to focus the relationship on a personal level, Aquarius professes a more universal philosophy of love . In order for the relationship to proceed without too many difficulties, it is advisable for Libra to use his charm and diplomatic talent to get certain things from Aquarius instead of reacting in a rebellious or angry manner.


A unique pair

In any case, there is little chance of demands being made in a Libra-Aquarius relationship. There are too many points of contact for that and the contradictions are minimal.
Famous Libra-Aquarius couples include Franklin (Aquarius) and Eleanor Roosevelt (Libra), Brigitte Bardot (Libra) and Roger Vadim (Aquarius), John Lennon (Libra) and Yoko Ono (Aquarius).

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