How do you overcome fear of failure and be successful?

It is the emerging fear when you have to perform something while an assessment is in progress or if an assessment follows. It can happen to anyone from the moment they have to take a test or test at school until they go for a job interview. The stakes are high, because the future may depend on it. Good performance can be stimulated by some adrenaline, but too much can result in fear of failure, causing complete failure. What causes it and how can you overcome fear of failure?

Overcome fear of failure

  • What does the condition mean?
  • Body’s own function
  • Getting a similar panic situation
  • Realize that it bothers you
  • Need for relaxation and distraction
  • Avoiding fears for self-confidence
  • Put what you have to do into perspective
  • Good preparation is always important
  • Rooibos tea
  • Overcoming sedatives and fear of failure
  • Avoid energy drinks


What does the condition mean?

There are moments in life when tensions can rise considerably, especially when it concerns an important life achievement. Everyone expects you to do well or you hope that you can achieve something. In order to open that door, your body has to endure built-up tension. Normally it is a standard body reaction, where everything works at a higher alert level. Blood flow increases, adrenaline makes the heart work harder, the temperature rises slightly and people become more alert. It can ensure better performance, but the degree of body activation can also be too much. It ensures that the answers are not correct, that the response is slow or that incorrect actions are taken. This uncertainty can make one even more insecure, causing nerves to completely take over. It can be recognized by increasing irritability, muscle pain, poor sleep, faster breathing, increased sweating, not performing when necessary and the like.

Body’s own function

Frightening situations are categorized by the body as a life-threatening circumstance. It comes from the time when people still hunted for meat and food on the prairie. Adrenaline increased alertness and good performance, but fears also caused people to be completely on guard. That reaction is still deeply rooted in humans. If you have to perform, fear can take over, causing the opposite of performance to be achieved. In other words, you don’t get anything done because fear of failure takes over.

Getting a similar panic situation

Several circumstances during life can cause problems with body functions due to stress. It is comparable to a panic situation, causing the body to overreact. The vast majority of these are divided into three failing circumstances:

  • physical fear of failure, where the body does not perform its functions properly even though one wants to do so. The most important example is during driving lessons and the driving test where feet and hands no longer seem to work properly;
  • mental fear of failure, where knowledge and experience no longer come out as normal. During the exam, answers can no longer be formulated normally despite extensive preliminary study;
  • fear of failure when making contacts. It can cause problems when entering into a relationship, a conversation with someone else, but can also lead to a disappointing presentation for the group.

In addition to the previous fears of failure, there is a fourth one that also falls under mental fears of failure, but it deserves additional explanation. Performance anxiety is caused by thoughts being distracted by previous circumstances of not being able to perform, which triggers performance anxiety.

Realize that it bothers you

If there is a fear of failure, it is a good idea to recognize it. Once you know you have it you can work on it yourself. Fear causes blood to be diverted from your body to your arms and legs to prepare you for flight or fight. This means that other parts receive less blood, causing the brain to function less well. This, for example, causes cognitive fear of failure. How can you work to reduce and overcome the influence of fear of failure?

Need for relaxation and distraction

Having a lot of relaxation before the moment arrives is necessary. Bringing yourself into an inner balance between body and mind can give you a lot of peace. It ensures that you are not disturbed by your own fears, so that you can perform. Doing exercises such as yoga or breathing exercises give the body peace. Withdraw yourself and give your body a regular dose of relaxation, so that you can perform better through rest. Also doing relaxation exercises just before performing gives good results.

Avoiding fears for self-confidence

You shouldn’t be anxious in advance. Rather, you need to encourage yourself to be positive. Positivism ensures that satisfaction substances increase in your body, so that you also believe in yourself more. By putting a positive spin on your life, you can ensure that you stand out without being anxious. Fears consume a lot of your satisfaction substances and you want to prevent that. Benefit by encouraging yourself favorably. Satisfaction substances such as serotonin can be extra stimulated by taking B vitamins with griffonia extract (go to the health food store). This allows you to build up extra resistance to fears by feeling good about yourself.

Put what you have to do into perspective

Being aware of what you need to do and putting it in the right context helps. An exam is not a fight for life or death. They are answers to questions asked within a theoretical setting. The worst thing that can happen to you is that your grade is less good. By giving the performance the right label, you can ensure that you can start tackling the issues in a relaxed manner. It gives you the opportunity to answer everything calmly, without being bothered by your own fears. The fear is an exaggerated reaction of your body to a situation that is not actually there. Providing the right context ensures that you can start and finish well. It ensures that you have enough time to answer everything, so that you can get a higher rating.

Good preparation is always important

Knowing what you are talking about and understanding how the theory works, for example, gives you confidence. Studying ensures that you can appropriate and apply a lot of knowledge. Be sure of yourself about what you have learned so that you can be confident. By being certain you prevent doubts and thus fears can be kept far away.

Rooibos tea

An important stimulant in the body is adrenaline. When anxiety strikes, it is adrenaline that increases alertness and increases sweating and heart rate. If you drink a few cups of rooibos tea every day, your body will receive many minerals necessary for several body processes. In addition, it has a soothing effect by lowering blood pressure. The body can become more relaxed, which can also increase the aforementioned satisfaction substances. If you drink rooibos tea regularly, you can achieve a favorable balance to perform well by being relaxed in a natural way.

Overcoming sedatives and fear of failure

Of course you can take tranquilizers. This forces your body, as it were, not to react violently. It ensures that you can perform well when you have to. However, the question is whether it is correct that you should take it during long exam weeks, because you force your own body to do something different. You don’t let your body respond as it should. You can also get the condition under control by stimulating your satisfaction chemicals and promoting your self-confidence through relaxation exercises.

Avoid energy drinks

If you know that it bothers you, you should not increase your adrenaline level additionally. Energy drinks then stimulate the body in the opposite direction. Make sure you do not take substances that give the body a lot of sugar. The heart rate then becomes undesirably high, which can worsen the condition.

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