Similarities between Leo and Aquarius

A relationship between an Aquarius and a Leo usually lasts a long time and often arouses the jealousy of others due to its romantic appearance. If they can put their strong personality aside, they embark on a passionate adventure.

A strong attraction

When these two independent personalities from two different zodiac signs meet for the first time, an irresistible attraction immediately arises. This is mainly due to the mutual respect they show for the qualities of the other. This attraction becomes stronger as Leo and Aquarius begin to spend more time together. They become aware that they have many common interests and both feel good among lively and cheerful people.
What brings them closer together is their social nature, that they like to get out into the world and always want to be in the spotlight. They understand each other wonderfully and are like four hands on one stomach.
Sparks fly back and forth between Leo and Aquarius, resulting in passionate lovemaking between the sheets.


Since they both want to build a successful career, there is no disagreement between them if the other focuses strongly on achieving his dreams in the workplace.
While the free-thinking Aquarius can give the impression to the sensitive Leo that he is not giving his full effort to the relationship, the language-savvy Leo still manages to take the pressure off with his admiration for his partner and his numerous compliments.


Although they match well in terms of interests and social behavior, their relationship is sometimes threatened by the fact that they are both independent personalities who like to have the upper hand. Since both Leo and Aquarius like to be in control in the relationship, they behave quite rigidly when they find themselves in situations that could cause problems. Particularly when it comes to crucial matters that can determine the future of their relationship, views sometimes completely diverge, which can lead to a dramatic decline.
However, Leo and Aquarius can build a bright future together if they manage to avoid such points of contention.

Tips for an even better relationship

  • Leo and Aquarius don’t have many areas of interest to focus on in their relationship. Both partners just need to put aside their egos and strengthen their bond by not worrying about who will direct the relationship. They must suppress the desire to dominate in the relationship to avoid violent arguments.
  • Leo should especially allow Aquarius the opportunity to set the direction in terms of practical matters and intellectual considerations. Aquarius, for his part, must shake off his habit of escaping into another world as this unduly disturbs his emotional partner.
  • Both Leo and Aquarius like to isolate themselves and move freely, because both need space for themselves. They must communicate this well with each other in advance so that neither feels neglected or hurt as a result of the other’s behavior.


A bright future as…

This couple has had a natural bond from the start. That is why the lovebirds should not focus on creating a bond, but rather avoid breaking the bond. If they keep that in mind, little can go wrong in their relationship.
Some famous Leo-Aquarius couples are: Bobby Brown (Aquarius) and Whitney Houston (Leo), Burt Reynolds (Aquarius) and Loni Anderson (Leo), Dick (Aquarius) and Lynne Cheney (Leo).

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