Seeing the future, present and past + Visualization exercises

It is the ability to see things before they have happened, while they are happening, or after they have already happened. The clairvoyant sees these images taking place in the head like a film or as a slide series.


The images that a clairvoyant sees about the future through his third eye or sixth sense do not always really happen. This is because the future is not yet fixed. Every person follows their own life path during their existence on earth. This path of life is a path full of choices, from which you have to choose throughout your life. If you always make the same choices, you follow a long, straight path. However, if you decide to take a different path, it will be broken for a long time. All your choices, decisions and thoughts have different consequences for later moments. This means that you have paved the road you walk on yourself. The paths you can choose as a person can be picked up by a clairvoyant who sees into the future. The clairvoyant can then observe one of the possible paths that you can follow in the future. You have the freedom to make different choices, but some factors are very final. Then it is difficult, or even impossible, to go in another direction.


The present the clairvoyant usually only sees about friends or relatives. For example, if something bad happens, the clairvoyant can also follow this through his sixth sense.


Anyone’s clairvoyant can see the past. To do this, he just needs to relax and properly interpret the images he sees. Because things about the past have already happened, this form of clear seeing is one of the easiest methods for the clairvoyant himself.

Understanding symbols

Getting symbols through is rare, and how they get through is not yet known. The clairvoyants see these symbols appear in the mind’s eye but do not know what they mean. They seem to indicate cosmic language, that is, a language in signs that is used in the cosmos. The clairvoyants have a strong feeling that in such cases they are dealing with space beings who want to communicate with humans.

Exercises to facilitate clear vision

For many clairvoyants it is very difficult to switch off their controlling thinking. That controlling thinking can hinder every signal from the subconscious. To better eliminate controlling thinking, there are some exercises that most clairvoyants often use.

Visualization exercises

Visualizing means ‘bringing images of things to your mind as clearly and vividly as possible’. This image sensitivity is therefore indispensable for seeing images from the subconscious. One can therefore regularly train oneself in ‘bringing images to mind’.
How does one do that? The clairvoyant formulates a sentence in his head after which he tries to convert that sentence into images. It is also a good exercise if you get into the habit of not converting the dream images that you remember when you wake up into a logical story, but if you convert them, as it were, into images in your head. Also when telling stories to someone, one can try to explain the story as visually as possible, in other words in scents and colors.

Exercises for finding missing things

If you have lost something, you don’t have to search everywhere at random, as almost everyone is used to. Try to find the missing object this way: sit relaxed on a chair with your eyes closed. Visualize the missing object as clearly as possible and look at it for a long time from different angles. As it were, crawl into the object and identify with it. Chances are you’ll start to see other images around the object that may be a clue as to where it is located. It may also be that you spontaneously get an impulse to walk to a certain place and have an intuitive certainty that the object might be there somewhere.

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