Tools of clairvoyants

Sometimes a clairvoyant can be helped by all kinds of resources, methods and techniques to be able to perceive things better. The reason for this is that it is assumed that we absorb information through our sixth sense, but cannot always see this information. This information does not penetrate our consciousness, but remains in our subconscious. With the help of various tools, we become aware of the information we have stored in our subconscious.


Dowsing is an ancient phenomenon. For example, it was already regularly applied in the 15th century. Even Greek vases from classical antiquity contain images of dowsers.

What exactly is dowsing?

A dowsing rod is a forked branch that is used as a tool to determine hidden forces such as water, metals or other substances underground. A very important phenomenon in dowsing is finding water veins and earth rays.

How does dowsing work?

The dowser walks slowly around a given area or room, holding the dowsing rod horizontally in front of him. If it suddenly moves upwards or downwards, this is an indication that there is a hidden force underground at that location. Usually these hidden forces are water veins or earth rays that are extremely harmful to humans and animals. It is quickly clear whether someone sleeps, eats or works above a water vein or earth ray. People get tired quickly, sleep poorly, are tense and cannot get up well in the morning. Diseases can even arise from living on earth rays or water veins.


To arise

The use of the pendulum evolved from dowsing, in which one holds a forked branch in front of oneself with both hands in order to find mysterious forces. The pendulum has the same purpose: to find hidden powers. The first pendulums, like dowsing rods, were made of wood. They were not forked like the dowsing rods, but were cut in a teardrop shape. A drop is said to be connected to the earth spirits who can give us all the answers to the questions we ask. Now, in modern times, pendulums are made not only from wood, but also from crystal, silver, and gold. Nowadays they also have a color because they would then be much more powerful in certain areas. For example, if one wants to ask a question about motherhood and children, it is best to use a red pendulum. A question about media and showbiz is better asked with a yellow pendulum.


Commuting is a very simple technique that anyone can use through self-questioning. It goes like this: you take a small object with a piece of sturdy yarn or a thin chain attached to one side. Take the end of the wire or chain loosely between your thumb and index finder, place your elbow on the table and let the pendulum with its point hang above your other hand. Then try to relax as best as possible and don’t think about it. When you have calmed down, you can start asking questions to the pendulum, which will provide answers based on movements. To practice, you can make the pendulum move the way you want and when it performs this movement you know that you are able to get the right answers to your questions. The different answers that a pendulum can give are these:

  1. Yes, the pendulum moves from top to bottom.
  2. No, the pendulum moves from left to right.
  3. Don’t know, the pendulum makes circular movements.


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