Makeup in the summer: tips

It’s summer. You want to wear make-up, but you also have to protect your face from the sun and you are afraid that everything will slide off your face due to the heat. This is very recognizable for many young girls and women. Fortunately, there are a number of products and tricks that ensure that your makeup stays in place even in the summer. Due to the many products in the stores, you can soon no longer see the forest for the trees. Which products are best to use on your face in the summer and how do you use these products? In just a few steps you can create a summer-proof make-up look in no time.

1. A good foundation

It is always important to start with a good foundation. Because it is often very hot in the summer, you sweat earlier and more. Using a good primer on your face and using a good eyeshadow base under your eyeshadow will prevent your makeup from sliding or pooling at the edges.
Some make-up brands sell a so-called setting spray. You spray this spray over your face after you have applied makeup. This spray ensures that your makeup stays in place.

2. Sun protection

In summer, sun protection is extremely important. Especially on your face, where your skin can be very sensitive, you should not forget to apply sun protection. Some day creams contain SPF (Sun Proof Factor). This way you ensure sun protection and good care for your skin.
Nowadays you can also buy a BB cream. A BB cream is a bit thicker than a day cream and a bit lighter than a foundation. BB creams even out your skin and cover imperfections. In addition, BB creams also contain SPF. So this is an ideal product for the summer!
Of course you can also use sunscreen. Use one specifically designed for your face to prevent breakouts. Be careful if you plan to have your photo taken. A higher sun protection factor also means that your face will appear whiter in the photo.


Waterproof products are a must-have in the summer. Whether you sweat a lot or go swimming, a waterproof seat is always good! Use a waterproof mascara. If you also like to use eye pencil or eyeliner, choose the waterproof or smudge-proof variant. This also applies to eyebrow products.

4. Bronzing and highlighting

By using a bronzer you can add more shape to your face, but you can also make your face appear slightly browner. This is especially useful if you have not yet become very tanned by the sun.
In the sunlight you can make the most beautiful parts of your face light up beautifully. You do this by using a highlighter. Use highlighter on the bone of your cheeks (above your blush), on the eyebrow bone and possibly on the bridge of your nose and a little on your forehead. Make sure you don’t use too much, because then you will get too shiny again. A subtle layer is enough.

5. Lips

Your lips also need some extra care in the summer. Keep it light. Use a lip balm with SPF or a light lip gloss. Do you want just a little more color on your lips? Then use a lipstick. A lipstain stays in place for a few hours, even when you go swimming.
Remember: less is more. Especially in the summer. If you keep your makeup light and simple, you don’t have to worry about your makeup running.

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