This is how you choose the perfect bra!

Choosing a good bra is not that easy for most women. Because how do you determine your cup size and breast size? And which fabric is most suitable for a bra? Choosing the right color bra is also not always an easy task. Below are tips and tricks for buying the perfect bra.

Have the saleswoman measure your breasts

Specialty store

Research shows that as many as four out of five women are not wearing the right bra. Either the cup size is incorrect or the circumference has not been measured correctly. There are all kinds of tips to determine your cup size and circumference yourself. However, in a specialist bra/lingerie shop there are plenty of sales assistants who can measure the correct bra size for you in no time.

Physical changes and cup size

Your cup size changes over the years. It is not only losing or gaining weight that influences this. Hormonal changes can also cause your body to change. Or, for example, pregnancy, surgery, etc. It is therefore important to have your cup size measured at least once a year. This is a great excuse to purchase new lingerie!

Checklist for choosing the perfect bra

  • A bra should not only feel comfortable but also fit perfectly. With an underwire bra you should hardly feel the underwire
  • When purchasing a bra, it is a must that it still fits tightly. Keep in mind that a bra will stretch considerably after frequent wear. When purchasing, the bra must fit perfectly on the last closure at the back and be reasonably tight. If the bra runs out later, you can easily tighten it by choosing a different closure.
  • The spacer of the bra should sit well in the middle of the breast area.
  • The back part of the bra is intended to sit straight or run horizontally. If this part rides up or down too far, you haven’t found the right bra yet.
  • Also make sure that the shoulder straps fit properly. If these are not adjusted properly, your breasts may sag. In this case, tighten the straps a little tighter. However, if the straps are pulled too tight, you can easily tell by the back section that rides up too far. The straps simply need to be loosened a bit.
  • Cups should fit perfectly around the breast. Both a cup that is too large or too small provide too little support. A cup that is too large is clearly visible under clothing because the so-called ‘open space’ can be seen. A cup that is too small can actually make you look a bit stuffy because your breasts stick out above the bra.
  • When trying on a bra, a golden tip is to first shake your breasts a bit and then let them ‘slide’ into the cups. This way you can immediately see whether you have the right cup size if your breasts are properly in place.


Color of the bra

What’s your mood?

A good bra is essential to enhance your figure and your clothes. The color of bra is also important. Choose a color that matches your clothes and your mood: red stands for flaming, pink for girlish and black can seem a bit mysterious.

Bras under white clothes

It is nice to wear a skin-colored bra made of shiny fabric under a white shirt or sweater. You can also wear a powder or ivory colored bra under white. This looks beautiful. Nowadays it is also hip to wear a red bra. Red lingerie under white clothing is not only sexy but is even less visible than white lingerie!

Pay attention to the fabric when buying the ideal bra

Figure-correcting fabric

Not only the bra itself but also the fabric of your ‘brass’ determines whether your figure looks good. Think of figure-correcting lingerie. This is often made of micro-fine soft fabrics. This often gives your body a beautiful silhouette. In addition, the fabric is often light and transparent. This feels nice and also looks very charming.

From satin to cotton

Bras are of course available in all kinds of fabrics. Just think of satin, cotton or polyester. It is a matter of trying out which fabric suits you best. In any case, make sure that the fabric is not too elastic. It is known that a very flexible fabric such as Lycra does not provide enough support. Find out about suitable fabrics at the lingerie store.

Accentuate strengths


Just like with outerwear, a good bra can determine whether or not your breasts look good. When buying the perfect bra, take your figure and the size and shape of your breasts into account. And choose a color that matches your clothes.

Good bras for small breasts

With smaller breasts it is generally nice to wear a lifting bra. A push-up makes your breasts look fuller and at the same time gives you a beautiful cleavage. Fully formed bras or ‘balconettes’ (¾th model) with gel formation not only lift your breasts but immediately give the impression that you are plus size!

Suitable bras for larger breasts

Do you have fuller breasts? In any case, wear a bra that provides enough support. There are so-called minimizers for sale. The wide straps and large cups of these bras push the breasts against the body. This makes your breasts appear smaller.


Do you want to show off your cleavage even though you have full breasts? Then wear a good lifting bra without too much push-up effect . For example, consider a beautiful ‘balconette’ (without or with a light filling). This is extra nice with a sweater or shirt with a low, wide neckline.

Suitable bras for all cup sizes

Underwire bras with padded cups are generally suitable for all cup sizes. This also applies to a three-quarter bra (the ‘balconette’). With this type of bra you can also choose to wear it with padding (for smaller breasts) or without too much padding (for a fuller bust). Bras without underwire that fit completely around the breast are also suitable for almost all women. The disadvantage is that this type of bra often looks less attractive.

Something for everyone

There are bras for every woman that fit comfortably and look beautiful. It is especially important to know your cup size and breast size and which type of bra best suits your figure. Feel free to take a day out to get advice and try out various bras. Because once you get the perfect bra, you’ll never want anything else!

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