The child’s diet can cause premature puberty

The body is a complex instrument, which has been developed through centuries of evolution into the current human being. A balanced and healthy diet is essential for a body to grow optimally. Society has changed significantly in recent decades, with children being raised differently and consuming more sugars and fats through food. What are the consequences of overstimulating the body from an early age and why does the diet cause premature puberty?

Diet and premature puberty

  • Opinion of the child and feeding pattern
  • Accelerated growth due to estrogen
  • Premature puberty
  • Possible problems later in life
  • Adapted education


Opinion of the child and feeding pattern

Many children grow up in a free environment, where the child also has a say in the decision-making process. It means that the child is not silent and can therefore push through wishes or demands. Children love sweets, savory foods, sugary drinks and fried snacks. Taking it regularly ensures that the body becomes used to it, and growth is also stimulated in the wrong way. Once the child has become accustomed to a certain diet, the child will want to consume those substances as much as possible. If you, as a parent, ensure that the child eats a healthy diet on a structural basis, the child will also want to take that food through habituation.

Accelerated growth due to estrogen

Excessive intake of sugar, saturated fats or fast-burning carbohydrates causes the child’s weight to increase rapidly. Obesity in the form of childhood fat is becoming increasingly common. A substance that is produced by obesity is aromatase. It ensures that more estrogen enters the body than normally applies. As a result, moisture is retained and people gain weight extra quickly. A higher estrogen level largely ensures that female characteristics can develop more quickly.

Premature puberty

Because there is a lot of sugar intake from a young age, the estrogen level is too high. The child will gain weight and will enter puberty at an accelerated pace. Normally menstruation will start from the age of 14 or 15, but due to overstimulation it can start from the age of 10 to 12. In addition, breast growth can be faster, resulting in a large bosom at a young age. It also means an extra large bosom size later in life. It also means that sexuality increases and people are fertile at a young age.

Possible problems later in life

Because the child’s growth is abnormally stimulated, puberty occurs earlier and the body matures quickly. This can cause a number of conditions to occur, which adversely affect health.


One can be fat from an early age and remain fat. It causes increased blood pressure, which can lead to cardiovascular disease.


Regularly high sugar levels can cause diabetes. The production of insulin is disrupted, causing the body to have less energy.

(Breast) cancer

Excessive growth of the female or male breast increases the risk of cancer. Other parts of the body are also more likely to develop cancer.

Adapted education

The child must undoubtedly grow up in a free environment, so that it is completely prepared physically and mentally for the future. However, it is necessary not to overstimulate the child’s body through excessive sugar intake. This means that parents must buy food that contains less sugar and that offers healthy snacks. Health in later life is partly determined by what is consumed while growing up. Parents must therefore make a conscious decision as to how the child’s body can be stimulated to be healthy. This without excessive intake of sugars and fats. Ensure a daily balance of healthy eating, focusing on whole wheat bread, dairy products, fresh vegetables, fruit snacks, fish, etc. The child can eat tasty and healthy sweets by making it a habit. This way you prevent the intake of too many sugars, so that the body can grow and mature in a normal way.

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