Similarities between Taurus and Aquarius

The Taurus-Aquarius combination does not seem to have a long life. A lot of goodwill and empathy on both sides is necessary to reach a workable agreement. Where there is a will there is a way!

Opposite natures

Taurus and Aquarius do not exactly make the perfect couple. Both are leader types. A Taurus, like its animal equivalent, has a stubborn nature. Bulls are not flexible by nature and do not care for the slightest change.
Aquarius represents air but has a connection with water because of its name alone. A characteristic of water is that it takes the shape of the things in which it is contained. The same applies to the human variant. Aquarians are flexible personalities who easily adapt to their environment. It logically follows that Taurus and Aquarius are opposite natures. Their character is completely different. As a result, they will face many problems during their lifetime. There are always points of contention between a Taurus and an Aquarius. For example, Taurus is a family person, while Aquarius is not at all.
Because they are not compatible at all, a relationship between these two will never last long and divorce is always lurking around the corner. Taurus is more reserved by nature while Aquarius is more inclined to say what he feels or thinks. So Taurus and Aquarius will rarely show up as a couple for an extended period of time.

Compromises are necessary

If they want to develop a more or less stable relationship, they must learn to tolerate each other. Life is about making compromises. So they must learn to trust each other and understand the other. After all, nothing is impossible in this world. If they are willing to give their relationship time to develop, there is some chance of success. It is a matter of will and perseverance.
Taurus is possessive while Aquarius has a free spirit. This total contradiction is the cause of many misunderstandings between the two. Only if Taurus tries to put aside his possessiveness can their relationship have a chance of success. Although Taurus and Aquarius can fall in love with each other, this attraction can quickly disappear because Taurus represents earth and Aquarius represents water.

Tips for better understanding

  • Taurus is very serious and passionate and absolutely wants to achieve the objectives he has set for himself, while Aquarius is more of the ‘ we’ll see ‘ type. This attitude of Aquarius makes Taurus angry and unhappy. Therefore, Taurus and Aquarius must work towards each other to give their relationship any chance of success.
  • Aquarius likes to collect a lot of information related to the latest techniques and technologies. Taurus would have to become aware of this in order to adopt this information.
  • Taurus and Aquarius have a different view on life. Precisely because they try to impose their views on the other, this can lead to tensions. They both have to give up this coercive attitude and give each other more space.
  • Since Taurus and Aquarius live different lifestyles, they must come to a compromise in order to move forward with each other. If they follow the principle of ‘ forgive and forget ‘, a common life without too many conflict situations is possible. A long-term relationship only seems possible if they adopt each other’s positive qualities.
  • Their relationship seems quite bloodless and in need of more romance .

Nevertheless, there are numerous examples of Taurus-Aquarius couples: Adolf Hitler (Taurus) and Eva Braun (Aquarius), Cher (Taurus) and Sonny Bono (Aquarius), Billy Joel (Taurus) and Christie Brinkley (Aquarius), Alice B. Toklas (Taurus) and Gertrude Stein (Aquarius).

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