Similarities between Cancer and Aquarius

A relationship between Cancer and Aquarius has little chance of success. Both people have few obvious similarities in personality and character, which only leads to arguments and disagreements. Ranging from not understanding each other to disappointing the other’s expectations, this means that a relationship is only possible to the extent that both are committed to working on the relationship.

Not compatible

The non-compatibility between both star signs is evident from numerous examples. While Cancer is sensitive, emotional and a family person, Aquarius is more independently oriented although friendly towards everyone.
The latter’s lack of compassion for other people’s feelings hurts Cancer terribly and only contributes to her becoming insecure.
Although excellent sexual contact between Cancer and Aquarius is likely, this may be difficult to help bridge the remaining differences. Cancer’s strong desire to spend time with his partner in the intimacy of the living room is difficult to reconcile with the out-of-home Aquarius who prefers to be in the company of others. This often leads to disputes that irreparably damage the smooth running of a relationship. In addition, Aquarius has difficulty tolerating Cancer’s persistent need for attention and cuddling.

Meet each other

If both Cancer and Aquarius focus on unromantic activities together, they will bring them to a successful conclusion because they can work well together. Collaboration is one of the few features they have in common, as there is little compatibility beyond that.
Their relationship is not very stable because both expect different things from life. While Cancer longs for a family, a safe home and emotional stability, Aquarius prefers freedom and space and as little involvement as possible.
It is logical that if Cancer and Aquarius want to aim for a long relationship, they will have to work extra hard to give this a chance of success.

Tips for better understanding

  • A Cancer-Aquarius combination has a lot of work ahead of them. To make the relationship work, both partners must first recognize that they are fundamentally different in character, personality and behavior. Once this is achieved, they must be careful not to try to change the other person for their own benefit, but rather to adapt their own behavior to their partner’s desires and needs.
  • Cancer and Aquarius must agree to be open to compromise in order for their relationship to have a chance of succeeding. However, this willingness to compromise should not be predominantly supported by either party, but should be a joint project.
  • It logically follows that Aquarius curbs his tendency to dominate a relationship because this will only alienate the vulnerable Cancer. He must also show more understanding and empathy for the insecurities that Cancer exhibits.
  • Cancer, for its part, needs to be more open to Aquarius’ adventurous side and ambitious plans.
  • Both must make a significant effort to communicate openly with each other so that they understand each other better, which can lead to a closer and longer relationship.

Examples of famous couples who have succeeded: Natalie Wood (Cancer) and Robert Wagner (Aquarius), Sinclair Lewis (Aquarius) and Dorothy Thompson (Cancer), Linda Ronstadt (Cancer) and Aaron Neville (Aquarius), Axl Rose (Aquarius) and Stephanie Seymour (Cancer).

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