The difference between foundation, tinted day cream and BB cream

More and more products are coming onto the market that promise to make your face more even and camouflage imperfections. You can no longer see the forest for the trees. Foundation, tinted day cream and BB cream are all different products that should give somewhat the same effect on your face. Which product is good for what and how are they used?


Foundation is a product to make your face more even and camouflage blemishes and pimples. Most foundations are available in liquid form, but there are also foundations in powder form and loose powder form. Foundation is a very opaque product and often one thin layer is enough to get a nice even skin.
Foundation does not contain the nourishing and protective substances that tinted day cream and BB cream do. So always use foundation in combination with a day cream and (in summer) sunscreen!

Tinted day cream

Tinted day cream is actually nothing more than a regular day cream with a color. A tinted day cream ensures that your skin is nourished and protected against external influences. Some tinted day creams also contain a sun protection factor. A tinted day cream causes your facial skin to become a little browner and provides almost no coverage.

BB cream

BB cream is somewhere between a tinted day cream and foundation. A BB cream ensures that your skin is nourished and protected, contains a sun protection factor, makes your skin more even and also provides coverage to the skin. In addition, BB cream also serves as a primer (base layer) for the rest of your makeup. BB creams can be very different. We make a distinction between Asian BB creams (where the BB cream originated) and Western BB creams.

Asian BB creams

Asian BB creams are very opaque. The substance is thick and they spread a bit stiffly, but they do contain a high SPF content. One thin layer of this BB cream is often enough. These BB creams can be found in more skin colors than the Western variants. One disadvantage to Asian BB creams is that they are not available in the Netherlands. If you still want to buy an Asian BB cream, you can order it from various web shops.

Western BB creams

Western BB creams are often less opaque than an average foundation. They often contain a lower SPF content than Asian BB creams and are often only available in limited skin colors. Western BB creams are very suitable for people who do not need or want the coverage of a foundation and want to protect their face from the sun.


In addition to all the products you use all over your face, there is also concealer. Concealer is a product that you use locally on your face. A concealer is intended to camouflage small imperfections, redness and pimples. You can find concealer in different colors. The skin-colored concealer is intended to provide coverage, green concealer is intended to neutralize redness and pink concealer camouflages dark spots, including bags under the eyes.
It is said that foundation and concealer can clog your pores, causing more breakouts. That is why many people are still a bit hesitant about these products. But as long as you take good care of your face and cleanse it thoroughly before going to bed, this won’t be too bad.
In terms of price, there are no major differences between foundations, tinted day creams, BB creams and concealers. You can find a product that suits you in every price range. There are cheap versions of each product, expensive versions and versions that are in between in terms of price. So something for everyone!

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