No diet, but healthy weight loss and saving money

You can’t diet and still lose weight healthily and save money at the same time. People who want to lose weight are often willing to do so. Manufacturers earn millions with pills, powders and meal replacements for weight loss. Fitness centers come in with subscriptions that are not used. It is easier to make small changes in your life that ensure that you not only lose the necessary pounds, but also keep them off forever.

Tips for losing weight healthily and saving money at the same time

It is possible not to diet and still lose weight. Because you don’t invest in all kinds of special pills, powders and meal replacements, you save a lot of money. You can also lose weight without a subscription to the fitness school in your area. Simple changes to the way you eat, drink and live can help you lose weight permanently.

Get rid of your scale

Everyone knows that you are lighter in the morning than in the evening. That every pound goes through the mouth and that muscle is heavier than fat. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing that you have gained weight when you really want to lose weight (even just a few grams). And a scale that indicates that the beautiful downward trend has come to a standstill is also not really encouraging. So get rid of that thing (or at least lock it up). You will automatically notice whether you are getting slimmer by looking at your clothes or whether the belt could be a little tighter.

Follow your common sense (and not a diet)

The majority of people who have followed a diet regain their old weight over time and become even heavier. Then another diet is followed, etc. (the so-called yo-yo effect). This makes little sense and is certainly not healthy.

Spoon up a little

We usually fill our plate when we are hungry. This means that we often put too much on our plate.
If you clean your plate clean (and most of us do that) then you are eating too much. From now on, serve half of what you normally eat and take no more than half of that for a second time. This often turns out to be sufficient.

Exercise is good

Losing weight without exercising (more) is an illusion. This does not necessarily mean a subscription to the (expensive) gym, because there are plenty of exercise options around us.

  • Take the stairs as often as possible. Build it up slowly (there is really no need to arrive on the right floor out of breath). Take the elevator and get off one floor early. After a week, two floors early, etc. Each additional stage is one.
  • If possible, park further away in a cheaper parking zone or for free and walk that extra mile. Not only good for your figure, but also for your wallet.
  • Get off one stop earlier if you take public transport and walk the rest.
  • Go for a walk with a colleague during your lunch break.
  • Clean your house yourself.
  • Walk to the paper and glass bin regularly, instead of taking everything by car once a week.
  • Don’t make the stairs in your house a gathering place, but take it upstairs immediately (also saves annoyance and falls).

The more you exercise, the more muscle tissue you build and therefore calories you use. Muscle tissue uses more fuel than fat tissue.

Eat consciously

Who doesn’t know it; mindlessly swallowing a bag of chips. While watching a movie you suddenly feel the bottom. Almost half of the daily required amount of calories is swallowed unnoticed. Too bad, you didn’t even really enjoy it. Therefore: eat consciously. Enjoy it (even if you can’t find the brake).

Don’t be afraid of cold and rain

Enjoy going outside even if the weather is cold and bleak. Weather to stay indoors is often thought. However, we are not made of sugar and can really handle a little wetness. Treat yourself to a (hip) rain suit so that you can even go to work by bike in the rain. Even when it is cold, it can be wonderful to take a walk (if it is not too slippery) and possibly get some sunlight. Parks and forests are extra beautiful when there is snow. When there is ice, the skates can be removed from the grease again. Start slowly; there is one every minute. If you are not going to ride the Elfstedentocht, fifteen minutes on the ditch can also be nice.

Dive into the kitchen yourself

By cooking yourself you can control the number of calories much better (don’t taste too often, of course). For the pasta sauce, use a can of peeled tomatoes or a bottle of passata di pomodoro. Add onion, garlic and herbs of your choice and you have a delicious sauce (also delicious with green beans, broccoli or olives). This is just as tasty, cheaper and fewer calories!

Take difficult moments into account

If losing weight was easy, you would have done it a long time ago. So it isn’t. Find out what your weak moments (will be) are (possibly with help) and think about what you will do during the eating moments (if you have them). Make a list of possibilities (and use them when the time comes); call a friend, put on a nice comedy, go for a walk, etc.

Small is nice

The standard portions seem to be getting bigger. If you go to the cinema, if you order a large popcorn, you get half a bucket. The fact is that the more you have in front of you, the more you eat. Go for the small(er) portions (anywhere) and enjoy them.

Eat less sugar

Sugar has an addictive effect. Try to eat as little sugar as possible. Coffee and tea without sugar takes some getting used to. Stop all at once or gradually reduce it. If you bake cookies and cakes yourself, use less sugar than the specified amount or use a substitute (for example stevia or tagatose). Be critical of pre-processed products (read the ingredients list) and make as much yourself as possible.

Drink water instead of soda

Soft drinks are sugar drinks. It saves a lot of calories and money if you drink water instead of soda.

Long live whole grain products

Whole wheat is more nutritious and filling. You will be less hungry if you eat whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, etc. Therefore choose whole wheat.

Every bit helps

You gain weight because you consume more calories than you consume. In short, if you exercise more and continue to eat the same, you will lose weight and the same applies to eating less and exercising as much. Every bit helps. Eat nine cookies instead of ten, spread less of the topping on your bread and eat chips every other day instead of every evening. And if you take hot chocolate with whipped cream, take the apple pie that comes with it without.


Don’t count calories. This gives a temporary result, if it gives any result at all. Fast sugars are largely immediately stored by the body. If this stock is not used, you will gain weight. Slow sugars (food rich in fibre) are more often consumed in their entirety. It is therefore possible that you may or may not lose weight with the same calorie intake.

And do not forget …

If losing/maintaining weight was easy, it would have been successful a long time ago. Realize that you have to work hard for this and that the sooner you start the better. So don’t wait until after Christmas or your best friend’s birthday. Just start by eating less and/or differently and exercising more. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single pass, in short, get started.

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