Similarities between Virgo and Aquarius

The Virgo-Aquarius combination is not immediately the most obvious, as these star signs are complete opposites. So it will take a lot of good will and perseverance if they really want to get along.

Not compatible

Virgo and Aquarius are extremely intelligent and rational, the only characteristic they have in common. Aquarius finds Virgo cold and distant because she naturally wants to take her time for fear of becoming emotionally involved too quickly.
Aquarius wants to improve the world and make everything around him perfect. Virgo wants to get the best out of themselves and gain financial stability. Aquarius always wants to travel, is very creative and has something quixotic about him, while Virgo is shy, reserved and practically oriented.
It is clear that a merger between these two has little chance of success, even on a friendly level. Aquarius constantly lives in a dream world as if life were a movie. As a practical person, Virgo can never approve of this.

The character of Virgo

Virgo is a perfectionist and wants to take care of everything down to the last detail. She abhors inefficiency and sloppiness and is picky. Virgo is extremely ambitious and does her job well and will never allow it to be messed up.
Virgos are social workers: they love to care and serve people, which makes them happy. Solving problems gives them satisfaction.
Virgos are extremely witty and intelligent, but they often worry, which is a disadvantage. Virgo is strict on specific things like cleanliness and cleanliness and becomes resentful when people around her don’t follow the same rules.

The character of Aquarius

Aquarius has an exciting personality, he is compelling and unpredictable because he seems to be constantly in a dream world. He feels untethered and is unaware of his environment and the people around him. He is constantly looking for something new. He wants to improve the world and make it a better place to live in. Aquarius wants a relationship that fulfills him both physically and mentally, while Virgo doesn’t believe in romance at all.
Virgo’s jealousy appears threatening to Aquarius because he is attached to freedom and space. A water sign is allergic to this and will therefore keep a distance from a Virgo.

Tips for better understanding

A relationship can only succeed if there is understanding, love, good communication and trust between two people. Astrologically, Virgo and Aquarius are born enemies. They can never be friends because one is too practical and the other is constantly daydreaming. Accountability is therefore minimal and any relationship problematic. The only thing they can do together might be a visit to the dentist for a filling. Aquarius is not immediately attracted to Virgo’s overly emotional nature, while Virgo believes that Aquarius is not doing anything seriously because he is just daydreaming. With the exception of a one-night stand, any relationship is a punishment for them.

  • If they decide to try it together, Virgo must immediately stop whining about trivialities and focus on the things that do matter, such as LOVE rather than cleanliness or cleanliness. If Aquarius determines this, everything will go better.
  • Aquarius must focus on his partner and offer Virgo perspectives.
  • Life will really become easier if they take time for each other every day and spend long nights talking to each other without arguing. Good communication works wonders and is the only solution to grow together.

A well-known Virgo-Aquarius couple is Richard Gere and Carey Lowell.

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