A loud all-consuming echo in the head

Hearing is one of the five means of orientation of our brain, so that the body is controlled optimally and most effectively within the environment. If there is a certain sound, we can respond to it quickly and effortlessly in normal circumstances. However, a serious hearing problem can arise, causing everything to echo internally. In addition, body sounds may be excessively loud. This makes it seem as if people are going crazy. What causes an echo in the head and can anything be done about it?

Loud echo in the head

  • Mental illness
  • Crazy or all-consuming echo
  • Additional complaints
  • Patent Eustachian tube
  • What to do with an ultrasound in the head?


Mental illness

On the one hand you may think that there is something wrong with your hearing, but on the other hand you may also become convinced that there is something psychological going on. Others don’t hear what you hear, so it must be your fault. That is true in itself, but it does not necessarily have to be due to psychological problems. Strange hearing with a long reverberation can mislead you, causing you to quickly conclude that something is going on with your mind. Other people have voices in their heads and you obviously don’t want this to be a harbinger of that.

Crazy or all-consuming echo

The body responds to sound by default. However, if you hear a reverberation or echo in your head, you hear reality differently than it actually is. The reverberation disrupts the actual flow of information, causing you to become distracted. It seems as if your own voice is crystal clear and sounds very loud. However, you speak very softly or unintelligibly to those around you. In other words, it seems as if your own volume knob is set way too loud. The sounds of your own body seem exaggerated, as if you hear your own breathing, heartbeat, swallowing, yawning and talking all the time too loudly. This condition is of course experienced as very unpleasant and disrupts your entire life, including a good night’s sleep. So nothing resembles what it once was.

Additional complaints

It is possible that in addition to the loud reverberation with echo in the head, there may also be ringing in the ear. The buzzing can be so severe that you cannot sleep at all. It seems like the waves are constantly breaking in your ears. In addition, the condition can make you dizzy due to the intense sounds that cause hairs in the vestibular system to move. The combination of the complaints partly resembles Ménière’s, but in this case it is not caused by a leak between the horizontal and vertical fluid-filled equilibrium tubes. What causes the condition if it is not a ménière’s or a mental illness?

Patent Eustachian tube

In your ear there is an opening behind the eardrum at the bottom of the ear space, which leads to the nose. This connection is called the Eustachian tube. Its purpose is to equalize the air pressure on both sides of the eardrum and to drain built-up fluid containing mucus. Normally this connection is closed, but it opens every time you yawn or swallow. This way the ear space is kept in optimal condition. If the connection is continuously closed, it can cause major problems, but if the pipe is always open, it will cause the aforementioned noise problems.

What to do with an ultrasound in the head?

An opening that is too large or a pipe that functions less well between the ear and nose (tuba aperta) cannot yet be properly treated. There are tests to reduce the influence of sound by applying eardrum stabilizers. This falls under the Blu-tack earpiece category, but the actual influence has yet to be demonstrated. Another solution is the use of eardrum tubes, which reduce vibrations slightly and attenuate sounds (which can also cause additional complaints). Consult with the ENT doctor about what you can best do in this circumstance to reduce the influence of noise pollution and to deal with it in a normal way.

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