Similarities between Scorpio and Aquarius

Scorpio and Aquarius are pure star signs: Scorpio is a pure water sign and Aquarius a clear air sign, so they are naturally attracted to each other. When they meet there is chemistry in the air. At first glance, things cannot go wrong between the two, but complex problems lurk beneath the surface.

The two characters

Aquarius is friendly and allows a relationship to evolve slowly, he takes it as it comes, while Scorpio has a passionate nature, a relief from the mysterious nature of Aquarius. Their relationship is something of an interesting experiment. Aquarius sees Scorpio’s extreme mood changes calmly. It keeps Scorpio in balance and calms him down in moments of intense excitement.
The most important task for Scorpio is to accept Aquarius’ extensive social network. After all, Aquarius is a person who likes to be in a large group of friends, while Scorpio opts for a limited, select circle of friends. Aquarius is inventive, modest, broad-minded.
Both are quite clingy to their attitudes and beliefs, but although the clash between intense Scorpio and mysterious and subtle Aquarius can be fierce, it helps keep the fire and freshness in the relationship. If done right, the couple can form a creative team and manage to resolve potential misunderstandings on their own. The nonchalant Aquarius will not feel Scorpio’s intense feelings as strongly, but will certainly understand them, which increases the compatibility between the two.
Aquarius is helpful, polite, supportive of the people he loves, has unconventional views and does not always excel in determination. He can be flirtatious and sometimes doubtful in certain situations, while Scorpio is strong-willed, determined and respects promises made. Once Scorpio has chosen a certain person, you can count on him at all times and he is worth your full trust.

Tips for better understanding

Scorpio is always attracted to those signs that are hard to get. Aquarius is a perfect example of this. The fact that Scorpio is strongly committed to a permanent commitment can make Aquarius weak in the beginning because he is more likely to let things happen to him. Problems may arise in terms of romance and sex if these do not meet their expectations. Aquarius’ commitment may wane somewhat, which could endanger the relationship. Aquarius is more likely to find his liking in superficial relationships that can become more stable in the long term.

  • Sometimes Aquarius may have trouble identifying with Scorpio’s intense emotions, but this can be resolved if he has patience and approaches the relationship smartly.
  • to communicate what’s on his mind and how he’s feeling more clearly , because Scorpio doesn’t cope well with his sometimes indifferent attitude.
  • Instead of getting worked up or sulking, they should admire each other’s qualities and display a positive attitude towards life so that optimism becomes a hallmark of their relationship.
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