Lose weight with banana, success guaranteed

Lose weight with banana? If you think the fruit’s high sugar content contradicts that claim, you might be surprised. After all, bananas are generally regarded as the calorie bomb among fruits. The banana is a soft fruit with a very sweet taste. It may contain little fat, but with 22.8 grams of carbohydrates in 100 grams, a lot of sugar and around 90 calories, you should actually avoid bananas if you want to lose weight. Yet it is a fruit that not only has a high nutritional value, but can help you lose weight if used wisely. Experts believe that the success of the banana diet does not lie so much with the banana itself. It is the rules surrounding the diet that make the kilos disappear. If you avoid alcohol or desserts, you automatically practice a healthier diet. In addition, many diets recommend early sleep and enough sleep. If you eat light meals (rice, vegetables, fish) in the afternoon and evening, success is assured!


  • Can you really lose weight with bananas?
  • What is in bananas?
  • About the banana diet
  • Banana diet became known by chance
  • How does the banana diet work?
  • Green bananas are good for intestinal flora
  • A simple diet with banana
  • Additional recommendations for chances of success


Can you really lose weight with bananas?

Supporters of the banana diet are convinced that it does the body good and also helps to lose unwanted pounds. Because the body only has to deal with one food, it does not place much strain on digestion and can detoxify better. That comes close to a fasting cure, except that annoying feeling of hunger is not there. Because as soon as this is reported, you can go all out, namely with bananas! They are full of fiber and keep you feeling full for a long time. There is no question of hunger.

What is in bananas?

The banana is a fruit used to treat many conditions, but it is also very effective in combating obesity because it gives a feeling of satiety. After eating banana, hunger usually disappears and banana also contains many minerals, high-quality proteins and vitamins:

  • Vitamin B3, B5 and B6;
  • Vitamin C;
  • Biotione;
  • Magnesium;
  • Manganese;
  • Potassium;
  • Fibres.


About the banana diet

The banana diet is the original name for this diet that originated in Japan. For many people who did not benefit from other diets, the banana diet worked wonderfully. In Japan, the banana is increasingly becoming an integral part of the diet, in most cases by replacing breakfast with one or two bananas. But there are countless other ways to incorporate bananas into your diet.

Banana diet became known by chance

The diet became famous due to a coincidence, when the Japanese Hitoshi Watanabe became too fat due to a sedentary life as an office worker. His wife, a Chinese herbal medicine pharmacist, advised the 31-year-old to try the banana diet. When he actually lost 13 kilos within six months, he reported his success on the Japanese internet community Mixi, causing a real hype. Thousands of Japanese also wanted to try the diet. At one point, the demand for bananas was so high that banana prices rose by 20%. But what is the secret of this diet?

How does the banana diet work?

Before you start a banana diet, it is important to know that you should not combine bananas with other foods as they can slow down digestion due to the high sugar (fructose) content. Moreover, the diet will not work if you consume bananas along with other foods. So bananas should always be eaten on an empty stomach and you should wait at least 45 minutes before eating anything else. Additionally, for use in this diet, bananas must be ripe and not green. After all, green bananas are difficult to digest.

Green bananas are good for intestinal flora

However, there are also banana-based diets that recommend consuming green bananas. Eating green bananas would stimulate the presence of Bacteroides bacteria, a bacterium that mainly occurs in the intestinal flora of lean people. And healthy intestinal flora can also help with weight loss.

A simple diet with banana

Below you will find a step-by-step plan with the most effective ways to implement this simple diet.

  • Breakfast : in the morning, drink half a glass of warm water and wait 10 minutes. Don’t eat anything for those 10 minutes and then eat only one or two bananas. You are then not allowed to eat anything until lunch or the next meal;
  • Lunch : you can now have a meal of your own choice, but it is recommended that you take into account the recommendations at the end of this article;
  • If you are hungry in the afternoon, eat one or two bananas, which is the only thing allowed. No desserts, no cookies, etc.;
  • Dinner : choose a menu to your own taste, but again take into account the above recommendations;
  • You can drink water normally during the day, without exaggerating and always outside meals: 30 minutes before or after eating.


Additional recommendations for chances of success

  • the chances of success with this diet will increase if you eliminate from your diet those foods that lead to obesity, such as meat and dairy products, refined sugars (white sugar) and derivatives;
  • especially if you are very overweight, you should follow the previous recommendation, because a banana diet cleanses the body and thoroughly removes harmful toxins and fat;
  • If you want to achieve maximum cleansing and quick results, eat only bananas for 2 days.
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