Is sunscreen carcinogenic?

Sunscreen should actually protect against skin cancer, but there is increasing evidence that it actually contains carcinogens and causes diseases. In addition, sunscreen hinders the skin’s ability to breathe. Despite these alarming findings, it is recommended to continue using sunscreen. If we do not apply sunscreen, we run the risk of developing skin cancer.

Chemicals in sunscreen promote cancer

A product that is used in large quantities, especially in the summer months, is sunscreen. To provide adequate protection against UV radiation with sunscreen, it must be applied several times a day. However, research suggests that the chemicals contained in sunscreens may promote the development of skin cancer.

Other care products are also suspicious

Frequent use of sunscreen therefore undeniably harms your health. Other personal care products are also under suspicion:

  • perfumes;
  • skin creams;
  • shampoos;
  • shower gels;
  • deodorants;
  • hair dyes.

All of these care products contain a variety of chemicals and chemical fragrances. Most people are unaware that these fragrances are often made from toxic substances, substances that have been shown to cause cancer. Because these odors are inhaled, they mainly burden our nervous system.

Are sunscreens fatal to our health?

The skin is the largest organ of our body. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to keep it healthy, as our skin is undeniably linked to our general health.
Sunscreens come into direct contact with the skin. They are absorbed through the pores, enter the bloodstream and thus end up in our body. And with that, any chemical substance included in skin care products automatically harms the liver, kidneys and intestines as well. This makes the value of natural skin care necessary more than once.

Carcinogenic substances in cosmetics

Nowadays there are more than 150 carcinogenic substances that are contained in conventional cosmetic products alone. That is why it is all the more surprising that there are not more legal provisions for these dangerous substances in (skin) care products.
Lack of control
In fact, products that contain carcinogenic substances must have a warning on the packaging. But no one pays attention to the actual compliance with this regulation for cosmetic products. The consumer is left to his own devices and buys these products at his own risk.

Overloaded immune system leads to diseases

Sooner or later, the immune system can no longer cope with permanent exposure to chemicals. Symptoms of the most diverse nature then manifest themselves. These substances can extremely weaken the body and can cause all kinds of allergies, autoimmune diseases and ultimately cancer.

Targeted detoxification required

Viewed from a naturopathic perspective, the body requires specific detoxification so that the body can release the chemicals again and we are no longer sick.
So it is worth thinking about which products we use to care for our skin. It is important to give our skin exactly the same attention that our other organs receive. It is therefore recommended to use only natural cosmetics in our personal care.

Logic that no one understands

The chemicals in cosmetic products are said to be safe because they are not taken orally. It is assumed that these substances are not absorbed through the skin, so their toxicity does not play a role….

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