Beautiful swimwear

Swimwear is also subject to fashion, but in a different way than outerwear. More like underwear. Every time there are new models, colors and fabrics, but it is (by necessity) more in line with what is already there. However, just like with regular underwear, the fit is very important and many people now pay less attention to it when it comes to swimwear.

The usefulness of swimwear

Strictly speaking, we are not allowed to walk anywhere naked, so we wear something, however minimally, and then, except in our own backyard, only in the places where it is allowed. It has no other function and if anyone thinks that it is also hygiene, swimwear does not contribute to that.
Sometimes people just enjoy strolling around in beautiful swimwear and other people see it as a necessary evil and wear years-old swimwear with the greatest of ease and still other people combine swimwear with outerwear. Anyway, when it is beach weather you see all kinds of things passing by and that always makes the image fun and especially colorful.

Hide something?

For those who think they need to conceal something, there is swimwear made from specific materials and with special boning that flatters the buttocks, conceals the tummy or lifts the breasts. If you think you need it, go to a specialty store. This type of swimwear in the wrong size usually has quite the opposite effect and you unconsciously emphasize what you actually want to conceal.

What’s there?

First you have to decide for yourself whether you like swimsuits, bikinis or monokinis? Or if you like variety, you can alternate between different pieces of clothing. Based on the current fashion image with a lot of sea green and aqua, we also see a lot of swimwear with those colors, in more models than the other swimwear. The combination with royal blue gives it a chic image and of course you can always combine it with white. Black is significantly less present in these swimwear lines.


The swimsuits with traditional straps over the shoulders to the back are rarely seen. Almost all of them have a halter neck closure or, if your figure can handle it, a strapless swimsuit. These swimsuits provide less support for the breasts, so be careful for women with large breasts.
The overall picture gives a kind of 1950s image, where the swimsuits are not really high cut at the legs and a bit smocked at the breasts. There’s even something chaste about it. The ones with reinforcement at the breasts, which lift the breasts slightly, are not old-fashioned or frumpy. It is nicely concealed behind a piece of lace in the color of the swimsuit or some smocked fabric. Very subtle. Some fabric has also been neatly processed in vertical lines for the belly to conceal a small belly. There are plastic ribs running along the length of the swimsuit that still provide enough freedom of movement.
Many swimsuits come with sarongs in a busier print, but in which the exact color of the uni-colored swimsuit can be found. You can also wear the set subtly around the hips when sitting on a terrace. Sometimes even with a large hat to protect against the sun in the color of the swimsuit.

Bikini or monokini

The bikini and monokini also have bottoms that have a relatively large amount of fabric. No high-cut pants or thongs, but beautiful hip pants, sometimes even with a very small leg. Unfortunately, the bottoms with the legs do not really flatter many women. Long legs in particular can benefit from this.
The pants are again in the 1950s and early 1960s style and feature a strap that runs over the hips and sometimes ends in a button or bow. No large, striking cases, but very subtle in the same color or a slightly different color (in the same color scheme).
The brassiere is indeed a holder and not a piece of cloth that fits around the breasts. They have a nice fit that benefits the woman’s figure and they are available in thin straps over the shoulder and a halter closure in the neck. The playful aspect of the panties is reflected in the bra.
Many bikinis and monokinis come with tops that can also be worn as a dress. Nice, flowing shirts/dresses that are pleasant on the terrace. But many bikinis also come with sarongs, often in a nice print where the sea green and aqua are also very prominent.


Once again there is something for everyone, that is always the case. But this fashion image takes you back to the 1950s and gives a somewhat classic and above all stylish image, where wide hips and large breasts are allowed. It is clearly reminiscent of the Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe style.

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