Similarities between Pisces and Aquarius

Although at first glance there is a certain chemistry between Pisces and Aquarius and they think they have found ‘the one’, it later turns out that they actually don’t get along very well. It depends on the couple to what extent and how much they want to invest in the relationship.

A good feeling is not enough

Love always feels good in the beginning stages. When Pisces and Aquarius meet, they immediately know that they love each other. Pisces loves to be around Aquarius. He is an empathetic person who always wants to lead Aquarius to dreamland. Aquarius loves freedom but wants to discover the world for himself. Pisces is very sensitive, tender and lovable. Aquarius is looking for a person who does not interfere in his life. Aquarius tries to avoid emotional ties because he doesn’t like to be emotionally involved. Aquarius and Pisces can become very good friends, but a long-term relationship does not seem feasible.
Initially, love will blossom between them and it will be all roses and moonshine. They will enjoy walking hand in hand and living life without worries. But just as the seasons change the weather, so will their interest in each other. This combination can explode over small disagreements as Aquarius lives in a dream world and Pisces is more practical. Pisces needs a partner who is emotionally committed, while Aquarius is averse to romance because it creates an emotional bond that makes him feel forced into a straitjacket and has to do things he doesn’t actually want to do. That can seriously hurt Pisces because he craves love and affection so much.

When it starts to water down

Together they experience pleasant and exciting moments, but as time passes their interest fades. Once they notice that they evoke negative feelings in each other, they grow apart. Pisces is demanding which irritates Aquarius. Aquarius spends too much time in his imaginary world, so he doesn’t really care whether his partner is there or not. Aquarius wants freedom of movement and expects his partner to grant him that.
All things considered, Pisces and Aquarius should not have too high hopes for a good relationship in the long term!

Tips for better understanding

  • Maintaining and nurturing relationships is not that easy. That is all too clear in this combination. In the beginning everything may seem like a piece of cake, but it slowly turns out that Pisces and Aquarius are not really made for each other. If both want a close relationship, serious efforts will have to be made.
  • When Aquarius is over his head or going through a difficult period, he shuts down and crawls into his shell. Since Pisces is an emotional and sensitive person, he will never leave his partner alone in this bad world. They have one thing in common that works in their favor: Aquarius and Pisces are open-minded and see life on the positive side. They don’t judge people around them, which brings them on the same page. Astrology sees no merit in this combination, but with love and a positive attitude they may be able to move houses.
  • Aquarius must learn to think more realistically and thus take his partner – Pisces – seriously. Being a dreamer, this is difficult for Pisces to accept. Aquarius should realize that Pisces craves love and affection. Even if he does it to a limited extent, if he pampers Pisces every now and then, this will make Pisces happy.
  • Pisces, for its part, should grant Aquarius more freedom.
  • To make it all even more special, they have to do more things together so that their relationship becomes stronger.

A well-known example of this combination is Oprah Winfrey (Aquarius) and Steadman Graham (Pisces).

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