About yoga, what is and is not right

Yoga has gained considerable ground in a short time and for many it has become a permanent part of life or better yet, a way of life. Moreover, yoga is always developing, because if you follow the basics well, you can come up with all kinds of variations and there are followers for that too. In short, yoga is “in”, yoga is fashion.


Of course, this can also have its negative sides, because if something is popular, there are also lesser versions of it. After all, there is money to be made from it. If you are going to do yoga, make sure you find a good yoga teacher. A yoga teacher who can guide and support you, especially if you are a beginner, and who can put you in the right atmosphere. It’s always nice when someone has a (relaxing) voice that helps with that.
Moreover, and we will explain this below, there are quite a few misunderstandings surrounding yoga. Sometimes miracles are attributed to yoga that are not justified. So take a good look at what you need and experience whether yoga can do what you are looking for or go into it with an open mind without objectives and experience what it does and does not do for you. In short, be surprised.

What does yoga do and what not?

The basics, around breathing, are always good for everyone and therefore have a soothing and calming effect on most people. Yet many people also extol the effect of yoga. The most famous one is the breathing round.

Want to breathe better and therefore take in more oxygen?

The conscious breathing process is good for calming down and giving your body the chance to recover. However, through the conscious breathing process you do not bring more oxygen into your body. If you talk about the normal breathing process – also during yoga, then the oxygen intake is no different than when you breathe high and fast, for example. For example, you have to exercise a lot to allow an increased level of oxygen to enter the body.
The conscious breathing process does have advantages, but not when it comes to more oxygen in the blood, but relates to overall well-being.

Is every shape good?

Contrary to popular belief, yoga is not suitable for everyone and not always. Strictly speaking, it is basically harmless. However, due to all the new shapes and popularity in combination with our sedentary lifestyle, it can also cause injuries. If you have a sedentary lifestyle and occasionally want to break out with a vigorous Hatha or Hot yoga session, for example, you need to know what you are doing and your yoga teacher must be alert. This is no different than an untrained body that suddenly wants to run a marathon out of nowhere.
Injuries to wrists, ankles, knees, but also to the vertebrae occur with some regularity. Therefore, never force your body. See how far you get with a certain posture and if it doesn’t work, skip the posture in question. If you almost succeed, repeat it without forcing. You will gradually be able to practice the posture better and better.

Source: Antonika, Pixabay

A relaxed body?
See which form of yoga suits you best, but strictly speaking, if you have chosen the right form for you, it will always relax. Get into the right atmosphere and do the series of exercises, possibly under supervision, and you will become completely relaxed. It always starts with correct breathing and is often preceded by a moment of meditation. Sit with your back straight, tailbones on the floor, and see if you can get your legs into a lotus position (or derivative position). It opens your pelvis. In any position, you should have a comfortable and, above all, relaxed posture. Let the everyday things pass you by and focus on your breathing. Sit like this for a few minutes and then do your yoga exercises. 15 to 30 minutes in the morning every day and it will work for you all day long.

Does yoga make you slim?

Strictly speaking, yoga is not intended to make you slim and given the fact that yoga makes you calmer, you will no longer burn. It is true that yoga can make you look a bit firmer and feel better about yourself through certain exercises. Moreover, it reduces the stress hormone Cortisol and this is one of the culprits when it comes to turning belly fat. So indirectly it does have an effect on your being/staying slim. But don’t do yoga to lose weight, it can be quite disappointing.


There are more misunderstandings about yoga, but these are relatively common and to avoid disillusionment, it is good to know why it makes sense to do yoga and why not. If you do have a pleasant side effect, then that is just a bonus. Nevertheless, have fun yoga is so enjoyable for many that it is almost addictive. And that is an addiction that does not directly harm the experienced yogi.

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